The Answer to What Gen X Music Is

OK, so here’s your answer. The old Louie 100.5 is switching formats — to the new Gen X, WLGX-FM.

According to the news release that just arrived from Clear Channel, the station will feature “. . . music from the 80’s and 90’s, and crosses cultures with hits from Grunge, Hip Hop, Hair Bands, Boy Bands and more. Music by artists like U-2, Eminem, Dave Matthews, Madonna and Pearl Jam presented with irreverent unpredictability will turn listeners into fans.”

And lots of commercials, and no DJs. Pumped in from some non-descript studio somewhere in the U.S., the same thing they’re hearing in other Clear Channel markets will flailing formats.

Quotes from Market President Bill Gentry and Programming VP Jon Zellner tout it as something new and different, yada, yada, yada.

You’re right, I’m not in the demo.  Just chiming in on the downfall of commercial radio.