Ours, and Everybody Else’s Awards

Yes, we’re really proud to be the choice of LEO readers as the top local news blog, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little exception to some of the other choices made by readers, especially in the all-important media category. Because that’s what we do.

You should read through them all, it’s exhausting. And show up Thursday night at the Gillespie (Best Downtown Building Named for a a Former UK Coach) for the big LEO Party, where Nappy Roots is likely to show up and yes, a hair-hanger. It’s free, from 6-10.

WAVE is the TV station choice for #1, which doesn’t reflect ratings, which makes us suspect that somebody at WAVE is manipulating contests. How else to explain WAVE’s dominance in Louisville Magazine’s “Best of Louisville” awards. WLKY gets no mention. Ouch.

Dawne Gee as best local news anchor? Puh-lease. The reason may be related to the graph above. Rachel Platt and Jackie Hays get 2nd and 3rd. If we’re picking sides in an anchor vs. anchor contest, I’ll take John Boel.

Hottest Anchor (male or female)? Seriously. Julie Tam? This calls to question the credibility of all the other choices. I know V.V. readers have expressed admiration for choices 2 and 3 (Jennifer Baileys and Carrie Weil) and Janelle MacDonald deserves mention here. And since I just met her, that Lindsay Allen at Fox 41 is pleasant.

TV Morning Show: Can’t argue with Fox in the Morning, can we?

Meteorologist: Belski, Wills, Cardosi. Evidence that LEO Readers don’t watch much TV, since their #2 is no longer on the air. Tenure seems to be the key to winning.

Best Local Writer: Bob Hill, who’s great, but retired. Stephen and Phillip are good choices. No, the C-J has no more interesting writers, or at least none they allow to write columns. If the C-J were to replace Hill, that person could easily win this category.

Lastly, people seem to think the over- and under-reported story is Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher. Not sure how it could be considered to be under-reported. Maybe it’s the only story some voters could think of.