Monday Morning Dept. of Meatball Express

So the Cats beat the Cards in an entertaining game in Lexington by a 31-27 count, so now we can move on to the Jan. 2 basketball game between the two schools. The notable part of the broadcast, other than the no-name announce team of Clay Matvick and David Diaz-Infante, was the excess of brownie and meatball-making commercial spots.

Seriously, did anyone out there just give up and order one of those magic brownie serving thingies that aired about a dozen times? Or did you throw up seeing all that raw hamburger rolling around in that plastic contraption? It’s a shame for local advertisers, many of whom would have jumped at the chance to buy time in the highly-rated sporting event.

When the game is controlled by ESPN, however, with no local station involved, the majority of the spots are controlled by the big network. And that means very limited opportunities for local spots in the broadcast.

As for the game broadcast, it’s almost like the four-letter network goes out of its way to remove any local flavor from the game broadcast. No sideline interviews and no guests in the broadcast booth.

You can watch Coach Steve Kragthorpe’s press conference on the C-J website today at 1:30.

So on to the week ahead, which includes…

The Idea Festival starts tomorrow with the Main Course, in which a formal dining table set for 200 is set up on Main Street in front of the Humana Building. Of course, it’s $175. There’s a chance of rain.

Mystery Man: No one who attended the Gaslight Festival in Jeffersontown over the weekend saw Mayor Clay Foreman on the grounds. Which is like Jerry Abramson skipping the Derby.  And Foreman is supposedly running for re-election. Here’s the way the non-partisan race works there – if there are at least three candidates, all run in the primary, with the top two surviving to the November election.

There was a big Hal Heiner presence at Gaslight.