At Least It’s Friday Edition

The Big Game: No one’s come through with tickets, yet, so I guess I’ll watch the big game on TV. It would be much more fun to live blog from the stands in defiance of the new Southeastern Conference rule. Anyway the game’s on ESPNU, but you can catch it on Insight’s channel 11. Noon tomorrow.

Redneck Fringe: Last week Billy Reed wrote a piece that pointed an accusing finger at the redneck element of the University of Kentucky fan base. It prompted nearly 100 responses, some from rednecks. OK, mostly from rednecks. [BillyReedSays]

Time Bomb Ticking: Erratic, irrational behavior was nothing new to Steve Nunn. He was abusive to his aging father, sister and ex-wife, according to a letter written by Louie Nunn. [Courier]

Covering Tyler: Now that we know how sensitive they are over at the C-J, it will be interesting to see what kind of coverage the Tyler Allen campaign gets in the less-important-than-ever newspaper in the future.  Can the “Big Ideas” candidate get any press in the paper whose editorial writers hate him? [Page One, (check the comments) Fat Lip]

Want to Get Paid? The local SPJ is holding a program at Baptist East next Saturday. The idea is to find ways to market yourself as a writer/journalist, since there aren’t any jobs left in mainstream media.  [SPJ]

 IF Is Here: The acclaimed Idea Festival is back in town next week. You should check the schedule and see who you want to check out. For me, it’s the hilarious writer A.J. Jacobs next Thursday afternoon. [IF]

Officially, The Flu is Widespread: According to the state’s Dept. of Public Health, the flu has gone from regional to widespread in the state, mostly due to H1N1. It’s so bad they cancelled a high school football game in northern Kentucky. [USAToday]