Really, Folks, It’s Time to Grow Up

To the moderated individuals who continue to malign my personal character and that of Rick Redding, keep it up. I’ll eat you alive in court.

For the record, it’s no secret that Gill Holland is an investor in Full Signal Media Group. Attempting to attack him is also childish and down right ridiculous.

And if anyone has questions about why Rick no longer writes for The ‘Ville Voice? Email me privately and we’ll talk. I’ll make public comment when I’m good and ready – not before. I will not speak poorly about him.

I will not be bombarded by bullshit artists who feel it appropriate to air dirty laundry and attack people personally. If you have a bone to pick with us, stand up like an adult.  My personal health is my business.  So think twice about that, folks, while attempting to malign me.

This is absurd and it will stop today. Until certain employees of the Courier-Journal can act as adults, until one individual at Louisville Magazine can get their attack rhetoric in check, and until everyone can behave in a rational manner? Commenting on this site will require you to be a registered user. This is temporary. But if you wish to comment here, you’ll take that privilege seriously.

9 thoughts on “Really, Folks, It’s Time to Grow Up

  1. “Until certain employees of the Courier-Journal can act as adults, until one individual at Louisville Magazine can get their attack rhetoric in check …”

    I wouldn’t be holding my breath on this one.

  2. Details, if you can; was it a blog or article or comment by C-J? Want to know so I can comment about their immaturity

  3. I guess it’s something about being anonymous people think they can say, do and act like they want. What they fail to realize is you can see every IP address of the visitors to the website.

    People are such dumbasses.

  4. yourgypsy: It’s C-J employees forwarding around private emails to various members of the media, begging them to write about private business matters and personal health information.

    And individuals from within the C-J attempting to post attacks on this site over and over again.

    Carter: Anonymity is a good thing, usually, and I support it. But I draw the line when people get nasty.

  5. IPs are easily traceable back to the visitor’s Internet provider, and if anyone running a site really needed to report bad behavior by someone, they could send an e-mail to the abuse department of that provider, along with the specific IP address of that user, along with the IP address of the site they were accessing, and the time the incident occurred.

    People should realize there are natural limits to what you say. And if you’re afraid someone will find out you said something, here’s an idea: don’t say it. Common sense.

  6. There are always those who get off on trashing anyone who is succeeding where they would like to be but are not. Take it as a signal that you are good at what you do regardless of how others perceive your ability and how it translates to your profession. Just knowing who visits this web site everyday is a testimonial even if they personally do not care to disclose their web perusal habits.

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