Did You Take Back The Night?

We’re in meetings most of the day, so let’s take a few hours to consider something we all mostly ignore.

Domestic violence.

Take Back the Night was held at the University of Louisville and it’s time this entire community starts a conversation. We don’t necessarily have to pass legislation each time something terrible like the Nunn-Ross tragedy occurs. But we most certainly should discuss what we can change as a local community in order to prevent domestic violence.

From the Courier-Journal:

Lemlem Zellelew was one of many people joined on the University of Louisville campus on Tuesday night who had witnessed domestic abuse firsthand.

Standing at the edge of the large crowd gathered for “Take Back the Night,” an annual university event aimed at raising awareness of sexual abuse and violence against women, Zellelew said such gatherings were important in building intolerance to violence.

“It’s one of those issues that keeps coming up, and unless we recognize it as a society and as students not allowing it to be present in their relationships, then it won’t stop,” said Zellelew, 25, a student at Spalding University who said abuse had occurred in her family.

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The ‘Ville Voice audience is one I don’t often question about matters like this. So, folks – liberals, conservatives, et al – what can we do to curb domestic violence? Is legislation necessary? What shouldn’t we do as a community?

4 thoughts on “Did You Take Back The Night?

  1. In light of the recent rapes, attacks and robberies on U of L’s campus, I’m suprised that people felt safe enough to even attend the event. Lots of people are scared on campus and campus police aren’t doing enough. We need many more officers patrolling campus on foot and in cars.

  2. My daughter, a junior in high school, was recently slapped in the face by a young man in her class. Daughter is 5’5″ about 130lbs. Man/boy is about 6′ and easily 200 lbs. He has bullied her since last year including a threat to make her shut up. Before he slapped her, he stood up (in class) to make sure no one was looking. Afterwards, he said, “I’ll hit a fucking girl if I want to hit a fucking girl.”

    His parents obviously have not discouraged this behavior/thought pattern. I don’t doubt for a second that he will seriously hurt a female one day.

  3. I think the point of Take Back the Night was to make domestic violence unacceptable by standing in solidarity with those who are most often abused. If young women refuse to let this behavior into their lives from the very beginning, then domestic violence will be greatly reduced in the future.

    Of course, that doesn’t help much those who are already in a complicated relationship with an abusive partner. “Getting out” is easier said than done. We need more safe havens for people who face abuse but can’t just walk away.

  4. By the way, Mom of 3, you need to take legal action against this boy. If the school won’t fix the problem, then it’s up to you to protect your daughter. Make it happen.

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