Clay Co Census Worker’s Death a Murder?

This is an issue we haven’t really been discussing too heavily in Louisville, so let’s start.

From the Herald-Leader this afternoon:

The son of a U.S. Census Bureau worker found hanging from a tree in eastern Kentucky with the word “fed” scrawled on his chest said Tuesday he has no doubt his father was slain.

Josh Sparkman told The Associated Press in a phone interview that he is frustrated investigators still have not ruled out suicide or accidental death.

“I look at it as disrespectful to be still throwing suicide and accident around,” he said. “He didn’t do this to himself. That’s dishonorable. My dad was a good man. No person on this planet is going to fight cancer like he did, then turn around and kill himself a year or so later.”

There’s a growing segment of the mainstream media that believes the death is tied to drugs and anti-government sentiment. But what do we believe here in the big city?

Let’s discuss.

5 thoughts on “Clay Co Census Worker’s Death a Murder?

  1. I agree with this guys son, there just doesn’t seem to be ANY evidence that would point to suicide or accidental homicide. I do, however, believe that there is PLENTY of evidence linking this to anti-gubment sentiment… They need to stop trashing this poor man’s reputation and get the investigation going and make an arrest in this atrocity! I hope they find the person(s) responsible for this and show them some gubment love in the state pen!!!

  2. Given the location of the body, I’d guess he happened upon a meth lab. That, our some scofflaw on the dole who thought the gubmint was onto his charade. I doubt it was any organized group wishing to express their displeasure with the gubmint–they wouldn’t then have left him in a forrest, but would have left him on the steps of city hall. It could be well-nigh impossible to figure this one out, unless the Census Bureau has some idea where specifically he was working last–like if they have some sort of mobile uplinking device they carry with them, or even nightly downloads and plans for the next day canvass. So sad. From everything I have read, he was a great guy.

  3. Kentucky mountain “justice.” Someone thought he/they saw a problem & eliminated it. Perpetuating a remnant of the Hatfields & McCoys mentality. Only it seems they only IMAGINED a problem, because this man not only seemed harmless, he seemed a man intent on doing his non-threatening jobs and making contributions to society – particularly to the people of Eastern Kentucky. Whether they perceived him as an evil, intrusive arm of the government, it almost seems more like he saw or heard something that as a good citizen he might be compelled to report to authorities. Sad for Sparkman family & friends, sad for Eastern Ky. stereotypes, sad for the whole Commonwealth of Ky.

  4. They found his body HANGING BY A ROPE FROM A TREE. Pretty sure he didn’t do that by himself. I know when I die, I’m probably not going to write “FED” across my chest – just so there’s no mistaking why I’m dead. This is ridiculous.

  5. I’m probably wrong but I have to say that the fact that the investigators are still saying that they have not ruled out accident or suicide tells me that there is evidence that we just haven’t heard about yet. I can’t imagine that they would be taking that position otherwise, for all the reasons identified in the other posts (not the least of which is the man’s reputation).

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