6 thoughts on “AUC Attacks Mitch McConnell & Humana

  1. You guys are such chumps. The AUC ad is a mock-up for which they are trying to raise money to put it on television.

    Let’s see. These commie-lib-bastards can raise money and put an ad on TV but Humana can’t spend their own money to write to their policy owners. I guess that you’d like living in a world where Michael Moore (fat bastard he is) would have free speech but those he lampoons should sit in the corner and be silent, fearing retribution for having called “bullshit” where it was warranted.

    You libs are the people that you warn us all about.

  2. Yeah, I’m a chump all right.

    Guess that’s why AUC’s done a large cable buy in the Louisville market. Saw the ads on MSNBC earlier myself.

  3. Well, Humana can’t spend its own money to send a mailing to its policy owners lying, which is what Humana did. And Humana’s not the only one doing that. The insurance co’s are terrified. Good.

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