Arena to Host Arena Football?

Looks that way.

Check this from a Tacoma newspaper:

The Fever is one of 16 confirmed franchises in the new league, which combines teams from the defunct Arena Football League, the arenafootball2 league and other indoor leagues.

The initial 16 teams are: Arizona, Arkansas, Bossier-Shreveport, Central Valley, Chicago, Iowa, Jacksonville, Kentucky, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Spokane, Tennessee Valley, Tri-Cities, Tulsa and Utah.

But aside from announcing the teams, new commissioner Jerry Kurz was short on details, saying that structure, organizational details, schedules and other particulars will be determined in the upcoming weeks.

Thoughts? Quick, somebody ask Jim Host to give the press a non-statement.

14 thoughts on “Arena to Host Arena Football?

  1. The Kentucky franchise is the Kentucky Horsemen. They have been in operation for a few years out of Lexington. The call Rupp arena home.

  2. OK, so let me get this straight. They are going to combine three (or more) leagues that have failed to make one, big league….that will fail.

    I’m amazed at what people will waste their money on. If it didn’t work the first time, or second, or third or one hundred and thirtith time, what are they doing to do different to make it work this time?

  3. jake, get your facts together before you write. and take the easy way out by blaming Metro Gov’t. Nice! This website has gone done fast w/o Rick!

  4. Soccer, the sport that just won’t die (in this country)

    Actually The Arena Football League was starting to make some headway with ESPN’s backing before the economic collapse. I think they should have the season during the summer silly sports season, but I think it is viable on the top level.

    That said, while I certainly wouldn’t extend a huge capital outlay to build an indoor arena, what is the harm in having them fill some dates and help pay for this thing?

  5. Really, “bubba”? You’re welcome to take a look at the Gchat exchange I had for nearly an hour with one of Abramson’s spokescritters.

    If traffic is any indicator, things have increased markedly the past few days. But thanks for the speculation.

  6. Lexington changed their name to the Kentucky Horsemen last year after we folded. Until we get a viable arena in this city U of L and the Bats will continue to be the only sports options in Louisville. The new arena is just going to be to big to support an arena football team or a minor league hockey team.

  7. Adam, what was wrong with Freedom Hall? Maybe it’s not a “viable” arena that is the problem. It might be that the AFL is something that serious football fans will never accept and will never have a big enough following in Louisville to make it a worthwhile investment.

    Again, I’m amazed at what people will throw their money away on.

  8. To the moderated individuals who continue to malign my personal character and that of Rick Redding, kept it up. I’ll eat you alive in court.

    For the record, it’s no secret that Gill Holland is an investor in Full Signal Media Group.

    And if anyone has questions about why Rick no longer writes for The ‘Ville Voice? Email me privately and we’ll talk.

    I will not be bombarded by bullshit artists who feel it appropriate to air dirty laundry and attack people personally. If you have a bone to pick with us, stand up like an adult.

  9. Freedom Hall is simply to big. The cost to open the building outweigh the revenue that can be created. Smaller building (under 10,000 seats) means less cost in staffing. This will be the deal with the new arena. It will great for U of L, certain concerts and the planned conventions but entirely to big for any minor league sport to be viable. That is just one factor albeit a big one.

  10. The AP, at, states that the “new” team will be in Lexington, KY.

    As winner of the AF2 “Fan of the Year” for 2008, I got the opportunity to watch the championship game that year in Spokane. If all AFL games were as exciting as that one (Tennessee Valley [Huntsville, AL] went for a two-pointer, and succeeded, rather than go into triple overtime), then the sport would not have any problems. The sold-out crowd was yelling and cheering most of the game.

    I hope the league can get their stuff together. (Anyone want to buy an AF2 football autographed by the inventor of Arena Football?)

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