Ooh, Ahh, We’re The Best

You Gotta Go: LEO’s Reader’s Choice Awards next Thursday downtown. Even if you’re not going to win anything. Because they’re going to have some dude there who hangs by his hair. From a trapeze. Not kidding. But the big news is WE ARE WINNING SOMETHING. . . 


Jake and I will work on an acceptance speech this weekend.

Silly Pills: Somebody mixed a silly pill in with my flu meds. Why else did I think this was funny? [Wil Show]

Board the Titanic: 22 million people have seen this Titanic exhibit, so when it comes to town Oct. 3, you don’t want to miss it.  It’s at the Louisville Science Center. Tickets are on sale now. [Titanic]

Looking for Lexie: A feature film called “Bluegrass Run,” produced by a local group, Trinity Angels Productions, has an open casting call tomorrow for the part of Lexie, a precocious 10-year-old girl. It’s from 4-8 at Horseshoe Casino. [Ky. Film Office]

Bookish: I still read books. Right now I’m just starting “The Guinea Pig Diaries” by A.J. Jacobs, who’s coming to the Idea Festival. LEO’s Phillip Bailey got to interview him about his books on reading the encyclopedia and living Biblically for a year. Funny funny funny. [LEO]

Always Plead Not Guilty: Even when the evidence is stacked against you, even if you’re Steve Nunn. At least the Fayette County judge didn’t let him post bond, so he’ll spend the weekend in jail, by himself, with mental health professionals watching his every move. Wonder if he’ll ask about watching the football game?  [Page One]

Today’s Media Birthday: It’s WHAS Radio’s Tony Cruise, hitting the Big 5-0.

What to Watch on TV This Weekend: Tonight’s Comment on Kentucky, Steve Nunn edition, on KET at 8. Animal Planet’s “Jockeys” will have more local footage at 9. There’s the U of L vs. UK football game at Noon on Saturday. Sunday night is the premier of new episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO. Yes, I’ll come over and watch it with you.

And on Monday: If you’re in Lexington, the local SPJ chapter is hosting a discussion of coverage of the Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher scandal with three reporters in the middle of it all — the Herald-Leader’s Mark Story, the C-J’s Andy Wolfson and Candyce Clifft of Fox41. [H-L]

See you at the Gaslight Festival.

12 thoughts on “Ooh, Ahh, We’re The Best

  1. not to over state the obvious…but Nunn had no choice as a Kentucky defendant … you HAVE to plead not guilty on your first appearance. It’s a standard plea to start your case. That’s why it’s crappy journalism when the lead of ANY story is “so and so made his first court appearance and pleaded not guilty.” it’s not up for debate, you have to plead not guilty. so to say Nunn pleaded not guilty like it’s a surprise is as misguided as the media knowing so little about the judicial system on which they report.

  2. Congrats on winning a LEO award! You guys deserve it. You are timely, funny and very insightful (not to mention irreverent). I could go on, but obviously loads of other folks in this burg agree!

  3. Feel free to look up the law, ask a lawyer, a prosecutor or a judge. it’s common knowledge you have to enter a standard not guilty plea and if you do not, one is entered on your behalf.

    I challenge you to find ANY defendant who pleaded guilty in their initial appearance on a felony.

  4. A defendant can plead guilty if he wants, at any time that he wants. It would be unconstitutional to deny someone the right to simply walk in and say, “I did it. Throw away the key.” Granted, that never happens, but legally, there is nothing that prevents someone from doing it.

  5. anonymous..you are incorrect. INITIAL appearances set the legal process in motion for felonies. consult an attorney, ( like me). I assure you this is constitutional and the law.

  6. @legal eagle

    Think about what you’re saying for a moment. The Constitution is set up to protect an individual’s rights, which is why I am guaranteed a trial before a jury of my peers. However, if, upon being hauled before a judge, I exclaim “I am guilty! Send me to jail,” then I know of no legal reason why the judge would not honor my request. After all, I am only there because the state believes I committed a crime. If the state believes I did it, and I am willing to admit in court that I did it, why, then, would the judge stand in my way?

  7. Seriously anonymous…call the Tiger or Becker but stop pontificating just to be disagreeable. And if you don’t like the law, talk to your lawmaker. It is LAW YOU HAVE TO PLEAD NOT GUILTY at your felonious arraignment. Geesh pal, get a life.

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