Looking for Trouble Edition

A personal thanks to radio hostess with the most Francene for talking with my Public Speaking class last night at Brown Mackie College.  All those principles we’ve been talking about — confidence, knowing your material, making eye contact, etc. — she reinforced in a big way.

Media Trouble, Part 1: Didn’t take long for one media organization to bite on a story being pushed by metro government — that Hal Heiner’s company has taken jobs from Jefferson County to his business park in southern Indiana.  Heiner reacted by saying he’s brought plenty more jobs here. But Chase Cain’s report conveniently mentions, but doesn’t identify, Heiner’s critics in metro government. [WHAS-TV]

Media Touble, Part 2: Turns out Jim King did break campaign-finance laws by helping buy daughter Katie a Judge’s seat in the 2008 election. Blogger Ed Springston, who filed the KREF complaint, says it vindicates him for bringing the charges, while King says the report vindicates him. At least King knows something about running a campaign while being roundly criticized. [WLKY, C-J]

Motivated by Us?: Fox 41’s Bill Lamb’s latest “If I Ruled the World” bit has him complaining about anonymous posters on websites, like, uh, let’s see, US? A few weeks back the VV readership base blasted Lamb, most anonymously, after I criticized his rant about bikes and traffic. [Fox41]

Gaslight Political Festival: Metro Council Republicans Stuart Benson, Jon Ackerson, Kevin Kramer and Robin Engle will be manning a booth at this weekend’s Gaslight Festival. We’re sure they won’t be the only ones working the crowd, including Bill Dieruf and Kay Ackerson, the two announced candidates after Mayor Clay Foreman’s job.

Blame UK: It was UK’s idea to move the annual football game with U of L from a nationally-televised spot on Labor Day weekend to the third week of the season. Oh, yeah, the teams suck, too.  So this weekend the Gaslight Festival may get more hype than the game in Lexington, where the Cats are a 2-TD favorite. Remember, speculation was that UK didn’t want the national stage because a few years ago they were afraid of getting embarrassed on the field. [Crawford]

Tyler’s On: Meet Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen down at Waterfront Park, where he’s making his announcement at 11.

7 thoughts on “Looking for Trouble Edition

  1. If you are looking for a Louisville mayoral candidate with Moral Courage, you will not have to look at Jim King.
    king appears to be the candidate and potential Mayor who would just say ” I didnt know”.

  2. King sounds like another Mayor Jerry is disguise. They have the same narcissism and complex of being the strong mayor this city does not need. Sounds like more one party control of the political process and that will be the downfall of this city.

  3. If I ruled the world Bill Lamb would have to kiss my ass, LIVE, every night at 11 on WHAS. We’d call it..Bill Lamb kisses my ass every night on Channel 11 LIVE.

  4. Lamb thinks that everyone should kowtow to his greatness as a station manager as if being the 4th rated station in Louisville, KY is something to be smug or arrogant about. In my opinion, his station is lacking a lot of quality anyway.

    When I read his rants, the only thing that gives him power that the rest of us don’t have is that he’s one of the big media muckety mucks in the city. I find it amusing that he refers to people going anonymously of being cowards. I’m sure that he would change his assertion if enough people walked up to him on the street and told him what they thought of his comments. However, I am sure that he would complain that you verbally accosted him in my humble opinion.
    Because you’re not allowed to have an opinion that goes against the grain or the agenda of the political commissars of either political viewpoint.

    Personally, I would tell him what I thought of him to his face and I don’t think he would have the courage to say anything back. That or he would try to file a complaint regarding you bringing up an issue to him personally. Like a bully its always easier to brag about yourself when you have an advantage and in this case the soapbox that Fox 41 provides. Not to mention the money that he gets paid to put his comments both online and in his videos.

    That makes me respect him less because he sounds like the type of guy that thinks only his views matter and you are not entitled to your views. All Americans are entitled to their opinions until those opinions bring physical harm or reek of true slander and libel. However, public figures should recall that they make themselves public figures and do so to bring notoriety and attention to their causes, activities, and personal agendas. If you can’t take the heat, then perhaps its time to get out of the kitchen. If you can’t handle us giving you our point of view, then maybe you should either deal with it or turn off your video blogs and retire from the set.

    If I had the soapbox that Fox41 has, I would certainly feel free to invest my time trying to better the community by asking what this mayor and other political hacks have been doing to improve the state of affairs for the local population. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, conservative, liberal, etc you do hopefully want what is best for the community at large.

    Fox41 outside of some nice pieces by Dick Irby has that ability but chooses not to use it because they may upset the powers that be. Obviously being the 4th rated televison station in this market isn’t working for him in his quest to educate us all about our shortcomings of making comments on this site.

    Interesting that he makes a comment about vile and hateful speech. However, making comments about lifes losers is hardly a departure from that speech. His comments hardly bestow grace on a reputation that was made by making incedinary comments. Which is interesting that he even mentioned vile and hateful speech when some of his comments over the years were hardly becoming of a station manager.

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