Getting to 20,000 FOLs

Check out all the local D-Listers in this video from Friends of Lou, including Bill Samuels Jr., Terry Meiners, Angie Fenton, Jim Wood, DeVone Holt, Patti Swope, Darryl Isaacs, J.K. McKnight, Mike Mays, Kevin Harned, Jerry Abramson, John Timmons, three dudes at the Tequila Factory, some DJs, a horse, and very briefly, some blogger.

It’s still not sure why getting 20,000 people signed up a Friends of Lou is such a good thing, but why not see if we can do it and find out? It’s a little better than that lame commercial that’s airing during this weekend’s U of L – UK game.

5 thoughts on “Getting to 20,000 FOLs

  1. I don’t know who’s doing these things, but they are very well done (IMHO). I’ve been a Friend of Lou almost from the beginning, when it was just a single interactive page at a web site. The spots are a great combination of quirky, upbeat, and reality, and I love showing them to others.

  2. Sad to say espresso, that I love the city and think it has a lot of potential but I don’t see the current administration or any incoming administration doing anything to improve the city economically or the job climate which makes any city worth living in. Ask the people in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Gary, Youngstown, Cleveland, Toledo, East St. Louis, what its like not having paying employment in your city and you’ll get a wealth of education that no four year degree from U of L can give you.

    Reality is beyond the perception here because reality means that we would have to realize our deficiencies and try to fix them.

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