Up and At ‘Em

Once every two months, we start the week with The ‘Ville Voice Breakfast of Champions. By holding the event at 7 on a Monday morning, we make sure guests really want to be there. Today we’re at the University Club listening to Dr. James Ramsey, the school president, and will let you know how that goes a little later.

Attention Local Advertisers: I’m talking to you — still spending your entire ad budget on print and broadcast media. Check out this NYTimes story on the shift in ad spending to blogs. And how blogs have to produce original content to stand out. You can call us to advertise here, you know. [NYTimes]

Hell, Yea, It’s Litter: Maybe advertisers paying to be in the C-J’s weekly ad supplements, delivered to non-subscribers, will see that their money is being wasted now that a federal judge has trashed its lawsuit against the Metro Council’s anti-littering ordinance. Judge Charles Simpson scoffed at the paper’s free speech argument, saying the ordinance only poses a financial challenge. In other words, it’s not OK to throw unsolicited ads in your yard. Good. [Courier-Journal]

Speaking of Wastes of Newsprint: Employing an unemployed “biz wiz” is just one of five sins that make Velocity a weekly waste of the five minutes you spend on it, according to Zach Everson’s piece. We could probably come up with more reasons. [Louisville.com]

Rebel, Rebel: U of L’s football team goes to Lexington Saturday at Noon to take on UK in what used to be a really big football game. We want to test these new Southeastern Conference rules against blogging from the stands. The league says it will try to enforce a new rule that says if you buy a ticket, you can’t publish images, video or descriptions of the game on blogs. So buy us two tickets, and we’ll break the rules, just to see. [New Rules]

Can’t Beat the Bulls: A great year for the Louisville Bats ended Sunday with a 5-3 loss in the deciding game of a five-game series to Durham.  [C-J]

Media Loses Again: Coach Billy Reed found us a bunch of ringers, but we still couldn’t beat the guys the Metro Council recruited in our charity game for The Healing Place Saturday. Kyle Draper kept us in it, and we didn’t lose nearly as badly as we did last year. The Council critters put David Tandy, Kevin Kramer and James Peden out there, who proved they can at least run up and down the floor.

So We Don’t Need that Money Any More? Raise your hand if you think the city-ordered furloughs, which would have saved $2 million a year, were a good idea.  Now Jerry Abramson says we don’t need ’em, so city employees will show up to work the day of the St. James Art Fair and Christmas Eve and Oaks Day and goof off. [Courier]

8 thoughts on “Up and At ‘Em

  1. Ya, that CJ advertising litter left on your driveway ( or in the dumpster in back of somewhere) is a total waste of money; better to put that money online, like with Jake and Rick — than have it wasted. ’nuff said’

  2. I’d love to spend some time commenting on print media versus online media versus advertising dollars versus blogs — BUT, I’ve got a question to ask and have to get back to some work for tomorrow, SO …

    Rick, how do I get signed up for these Ville Voice breakfasts? Are they open to the public, to regular readers, or only to people donating football tickets?

    I try to check the site every day, and I don’t remember an announcement. These days, it could have been in 44-point type and I probably would have missed it, so not blaming you. Just want to know how to join the hoi polloi for what obviously is the Happening of the month.

  3. Why does Velocity fail? I would say any publication that cynically targets a demographic sets itself up for failure. I read (or used to read the LEO) for one reason…. insightful commentary and articles. The few times I have picked up Velocity have always been because my other choices are Southeast Outlook and Today’s Woman. I find myself flipping through it, wiping the grease from whatever I’m eating on it, and then tossing it in the garbage, feeling sorry for the newsprint that had to die for it.

  4. Bruce — the breakfasts are held every 2 months, next one is Nov. 9. I publicize them here and also on Facebook and Twitter. Just let me know you want to come and you get on the list. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you got me football tickets.

  5. “Fries with Your Pigskin?”

    Football tickets, Rick? When the Cards finish 2-10 this season, they’ll be giving them away in Ollie’s Trolley bags. (Good that we scheduled Indiana State and Arkansas State.)

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