Friends of NuLu

Here’s an idea that we’re pretty excited about — the NuLu Festival. It’s coming up in two weeks, celebrating the newest, hippest stuff happening on East Market Street. Here’s the news on it:

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY ­ The first annual NuLu Festival will take place on East Market Street Saturday, September 26th, from 5- ­11 pm. The 700 block of East Market Street (between Clay & Shelby), will play host to the festival and will be closed to vehicle traffic during the event. Held on the closing night of the third annual Idea Festival, the NuLu Festival is presented in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Leadership Louisville and the Bingham Fellows Class of 2009.

Local restaurants and retailers will be on hand, and sponsor Bluegrass Brewing Co. will supply their local micro-brewed beer with wine by Felice Vineyard and Winery.  With live music all night, cellist Ben Sollee will perform, as well as Generic Alternatives, Thomas A Minor & the Picket Line, Lucky Pineapple and local rockers The Instruction.

The event is free, family-friendly including the Gallopalooza foals and the Bubble Truck, and open to the public.  The festival is presented by the East Market District Association with generous support from the following sponsors:  IDEAFESTIVAL, Bluegrass Brewing Company, Felice Vineyard and Winery, JAVA Brewing Company, Brightside, JEB Advertising, Action Graphics, Eon, Bingham Fellows, Leadership Louisville Center, Home of the Innocents, Tucker Booker Donhoff & Partners, Stock Yards Bank, Bargain Supply, sonaBLAST Records and 732 Social.

In November 2008, “The Heart of NuLu” became the official tagline for the East Market District in Louisville, Kentucky.

NuLu, more a state of mind than an area of town, is present in this relaxed artsy neighborhood with old buildings and new ideas. The area comprises parts of two of Louisville’s oldest neighborhoods, Butchertown and Phoenix Hill, and is home to some of the city’s oldest homes and businesses, as well as The Green Building, Louisville’s first commercial building anticipating Platinum LEED certification.  The neighborhood business association is made up of over 60 businesses which include galleries, creative retail stores, and artists in residence.

The event is intended to allow everyone to experience Nulu for themselves

6 thoughts on “Friends of NuLu

  1. I’m all for a NuLu–especially if it’s an Abramson-free Lu. That’d be Nu.

    If you invite the Zoo, you can have a GnuLu, too!

    If that fellow from Star Trek came, you’d have Sulu at your NuLu.

    Kids from U of K? A Blue NuLu.

    I think I’m starting to channel Dr. Seuss…that’s scary!

  2. An Abramson free New Lou. Now that would be worth celebrating. Perhaps a David Tandy free NuLu too and Jim King free Nu Lu.

    Even Tina Ward Pugh who I always felt had a lot of good ideas dropped the ball with letting people like Meloche run things into the ground instead of asking for a resignation. Which is what someone needs to ask Jerry is why haven’t people like Schreck, Meloche, Driskell, etc been asked to resign or better yet fired. Maybe because a lot of these people know where the bodies are buried in Metro Government and if they open their mouth, then maybe the FBI investigation and other investigations would start.

  3. Can they HuLu in NuLu? Get a room with a vu? Write short verses called Haiku?

    Perhaps I should move there–I’d be NuLu LaRue!

  4. I think that we need to have a government affairs channel that talks about what is going on with local government and also national government as well because of some of the scoundrels that are in both parties. Kind of like the people having a radio voice for the people. Or even on You Tube.

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