This Commercial Filled with ITPAGS

The Possibility City branding campaign has produced this TV spot that is airing the next few weeks on cable and some local stations (and during ESPNU’s broadcast of the Kentucky vs. Louisville football game).

It proposes a cure for ITHAGT (Inability to Have a Good Time) that is, you guessed it, hanging out in Possibility City. Let’s just say it needs a cure for ITPAGS (Inability to Produce a Good Spot). Ha Ha. But they’re used to criticism from us.

I’ll let you chime in on the lameness of it all, the pink shirtiness, the goofy sweater wrapround thing and the frumpy lady with the ’70s hair.  It doesn’t exactly get me fired up for the city, but maybe it’ll work.

What do you think?

18 thoughts on “This Commercial Filled with ITPAGS

  1. A one-minute spot to promote Louisville with 15 seconds of Louisville footage. It has 45 seconds of people you don’t care about and flying logos you’ve already seen.

    It’ll probably win a Louie, and give lots of people a good opportunity to go to the bathroom while watching their favorite show. So it’s useful.

  2. Yawn. What a lousy spot.

    There is nothing in this commercial that makes me think the city is fun and exciting. Even the footage of 4th Street was lousy…did I count an entire two people walking down the street.

    Maybe this is for retirees?

  3. Couldn’t afford a studio with a larger cyc or better lighting I guess. The shadows on the wall look cheap. The “actor” comes off as a VO guy. I find that distracting. There’s an overall feeling of local ad-man self-consciousness, national look aspirations without the skills to pull it off and timidity with Louisville spots. Being picky. (Hey, budgets are low…if there IS a budget.) Overall, not too sucky. Another approach would have been a fake legal commercial where people suffering from the side-effects of “Louisville” – smiles lasting more than 4 hours, feelings of euphoria, etc. – can seek “help.” Any play on the ridiculous legal disclaimers might work.

  4. It’s also interesting to note that of that 15 seconds of “Louisville” footage, half of it shows people drinking. Not that showing alcohol/nightlife is a bad thing, but half of your sparse Louisville footage?

    They cut from a shot of people drinking to a kid playing. Parents out drinking while the kids are dumped at the Science Center?

    Alcoholism. It’s Possible Here.

  5. I got a good belly laugh from it. I thought it was nice but why not shots of O’Shea’s patio area? 4th Street Dead–is that where you head for a Subway or Friday’s? Anyway, what’s worse talking up the creative city as a place of tolerance or being a Lexington or Bowling Green. Louisville is a very cool mid size city with lots of possibilities. In fact, I came up with idea of possibility city at a group focus session at the Brown Hotel. Yeah that’s right, its my idea. So what’s worse, nothing at all? Or even better we have the largest homeless shelter in the country on our best BLVD? Finally, you crabbies need to get a life and stop being so negative–must be old age, too much time on the screen and fast food. LOL

  6. These responses put me in the mind of something Jack Nicholson said once,

    “This town needs an enema.”

  7. OMG! 25 years in advertising and this is absolutely one of the worst spots I have ever seen. Half the commercial is these two depressed people and the other half….not showing anythng I would posibbly do. And why isn’t those dollars going to our feeder states like Ohio, W. Virginia and Tennessee. Yet another waste of our money.

  8. It’s interesting that someone apparently proud of coming up with “Possibility City” won’t tell us their name. *That’s* what is funny.

    Further, I poo-poo “possibility city” because it is just plain stupid. Louisville is GREAT today! Why not market what the city has now, instead of the limp-wristed “gosh, golly, someday we’ll do something noteworthy” aspect of “possibility”.

    It’s not what is “possible” here. It is what is REAL here!

  9. What they ought to do is to focus on economic growth and job growth and improving the infrastructure, etc. Not spending money blowing dollars on some stupid ad campaign trying to attract a few hundred of people moving here from Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, etc. Maybe a few hundred from each city that are really interested in doing this and improving things for everyone here.

    These commercials are stupid, What’s Worse. Stupid commercials and stupid ideas bragging to everyone else what you have. Lets focus on the Derby experience, arts, culture, restaurants, cultural events, economic development. Not a bunch of crappy commercials with C list celebrities talking about Looooeeyyyville.

    What would make people come here? Not just bragging about being able to find yourself or be yourself. You can do that just about anywhere. Some of these guys that do these commercials need to find themselves because its obvious they are floating around in outer space talking about the silliest crap I’ve ever heard a major city promote.

    Geesh, even Cincinnati with its Cincinnati USA project and action is doing a great job with it. I’m not bashing Louisville or even comparing it to Cincy but really they do a great job promoting Cincy. Like spending time at the Zoo, the Reds, Bengals, restaurants, cultural events, etc. Sure Cincy is a bigger metro area of 2.1 million than Louisville 1.5 million. But you’re telling me that these idiots at GLI can’t come up with something more catchy that defines Loooouhhvull than Possibility City. Back to the drawing board.

  10. After observing and watching the steaming pile of pig dung called a commercial talking about an inability to have a good time, I think its more about the individual being able to have fun anywhere in the USA. Its not like living in a third world country where you have limited media, limited entertainment, no electric, etc.

    If you are bored in these United States, then you are just a boring person who needs to get out and get a life.

    Between bars, restaurants, live music, malls, Bardstown Road, Baxter, Frankfort, etc Louisville has plenty to do. Without the traffic every other major city has. You can be across town in 30 minutes if you wish and eat at a variety of places. At night traffic is so easy that you can get anywhere easily. Its only at rush hours that traffic truly sucks. Other than that, thats about it.

    The people downtown want to try to make this another Chicago, Atlanta, etc but don’t have the economic wherewithal to do so. So therefore they have to do these stupid commercials to try to entice people here to make it another urban megalopolis that it will never be. Even Cincy and Indy know better that they will never again be really large metros like NYC, Chicago, LA, South Florida, Atlanta, Dallas, etc. Maybe the urchins down at GLI should get a hint.

  11. If you are bored in these United States, then you are just a boring person who needs to get out and get a life.

    Exactly. Bored = boring. There’s too many things to do in Louisville. And if you don’t want to partake in any of that, there’s all sorts of things you can do with your family, or even by yourself. There’s no excuse for boredom in 2009.

  12. The real branding efforts here and for “Unbridled Spirit” should be focused on taking a hot iron to the foreheads of people who think these campaigns are a good idea.

    Tourists come to cities to see the touristy things to do. People come to LIVE in cities because of the quality of life there. While there is much to do here, the city itself holds little of the pulse or excitement of bigger cities. This won’t change because we have a new arena or a $1,000,000 renovation to a bowling alley.

  13. Until people nationwide have the view that Louisville has great employment opportunities and/or a first class educational institution, I don’t think Louisville is going to be more than an also ran.

  14. Yikes — I’d never seen that anywhere up here in the Indianapolis area…. Thank goodness for Louisville. I’m not sure where they’re showing this commercial, but the less it is shown, the better. Anyone around here that saw it would probably just roll their eyes. The only thing I saw that looked interesting was the beautiful glass art exhibit. (I did see the Viagra / Cialis takeoff ad shown above, and thought it was at least pretty funny.)

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