Getting a Little Ticked Off With You People

More Disgusting News:  This morning, just after listening to all the racist rednecks who listen to Francene call in to complain about Pres. Obama and his health care speech last night, I got Billy Reed’s well-written piece about how UK fans were incensed that Coach Calipari sent the Commander in Chief a UK jersey. He had to take down his post after too many racist comments showed up that was “not representative of UK basketball.” Sorry, Coach, but it is. [BillyReedSays]

Fox41 Gets Video: Outraged parents in Breckenridge County are threatening to sue the local public high school over that trip to church the football coach took his team on. The coach and school superintendent aren’t talking to media. And Fox41 got some video of the baptisms. Amazingly, a lot of folks don’t think it’s that big a deal. [Fox41]

Some Good News: That goon from South Carolina who called the President a liar during his speech last night?  His opponent has raised a boatload of cash today. [USA Today]

Mayor on Fourth: Jerry Abramson got around to answering questions about Cordish on WHAS-TV today.  Rachel Platt asked if he’d do anything differently. Rather than answering, he talked about how great it was that they kept the spot open on Fourth Street. He does point out, rightly, that the Metro Council did authorize the payments.  [WHAS-TV]

More Cordish News: LEO’s follow-up on the spending down there includes anonymous comments from developers, all of whom say they could have done the job for a lot less than $950K.  [LEO]

Back to Hoops: OK, Coach, we’re willing to go ahead and act like it’s just like any other basketball season. The Cards will be on national TV 14 times this year, including a rematch with my Hilltoppers (remember, WKU won last year) at Freedom Hall Dec. 19. The Kentucky game is at Rupp Jan. 2. It is the last season at Freedom Hall. [Cards]

B-day Shoutout: Fox41 in the Morning producer Cara Sabin.  WHAS Radio newsman Joe Hall. Our favorite attorney, Sheila Berman. Happy Happy Happy Birthday.

18 thoughts on “Getting a Little Ticked Off With You People

  1. Such name calling in the first and third story from the perfect little liberal who does nothing wrong. You make us all look bad. I didnt know a person was automatically a racist if they disagree with the president. And I didnt know you could be called a goon for telling the truth when the President says illegal aliens will NOT recieve government healthcare. And I guess I am a racist redneck because I listen to the Francene show and evidentally you do too. Hypocrite!

  2. UK Rednecks: Finally–a way to get college fans in an uproar!

    The heck with illicit sexual encounters! Never mind snuffing out a life in an abortion clinic! Fuh-gedda’bout it! Just send that negro in the whitehouse a UK jersey and get ready to feel the heat!

    Glad to know that fans in this state can draw the line and that hoops MEAN somethin’!

    I’m gonna go crush beer cans against my head untl I feel better about this…

  3. Anybody look into who did the work for Cordish? Was it by local contractors? If so, could that be why contractors are coming out of the woodwork to say they could do it cheaper?

  4. HomeyDaKlown LMAO!!! I couldnt have said it better myself!!! At least its comforting to know that there are still a few people left with some common sense!

  5. The only racists are the idiots like Jake and Rick who automatically assume racist just because someone disagrees with President Obama.

  6. If coach wants to give President Obama a jersey, fine. Don’t see a problem with it.

    What I do have a problem with is you calling people who you disagree with names. You guys preach tolerance to us right wing red necked tards, why don’t you put it into practice and show us how it’s done?

    Cause you are doing a lousy job of it.

  7. I look at this case in Breckinridge County and think of the Stinson case. Not Max Gilpin’s death, but the idea that these kids will pretty much do anything to remain in their coach and fellow player’s good graces.

    Frankly, I think the Superintendent should be tossed, as should the coach.

  8. This is a horrible tragedy. However, there is absolutely no way I could convict due to the lack of an autopsy.

    How can you possibly find someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt without an autopsy ruling out other contributing factors.

    I feel for the parents, and while I still think there is civil liability, I think they gave up the ability to criminally prosecute Stinson when they decided to for go the autopsy. How do you convict a guy when you prohibit him from proving there were not other contributing factors?

    I played football at a local catholic school in the 1980s and even then, players would take caffeine, ginseng, ephedrine, and other stimulants to try and get an energy boost during double sessions.

    Crutnacker, I share your sentiment on the Superintendent. Jefferson County Schools handled this horribly and someone should be held accountable in addition to the taxpayers who are going to pay a big payout in civil court.

  9. Actually, I was referring to the players getting baptized in Breckinridge county in the presence of the Superintendent who thought nothing was wrong with it.

    I wonder if the kids were truly there because they thought it was a good idea.

  10. Is it normal to get baptism to occur the same night you walk up the aisle? I’ve heard from many people you normally take classes or meet with the pastor a few times….maybe it’s different in Breck Co.

  11. What our Louisville pit bull with lipstick has
    a majority white, right wing policy, holy rollin, good ole boy mentality audience. No way!

  12. Jack // Sep 10, 2009 at 5:22 pm
    “And I didnt know you could be called a goon for telling the truth when the President says illegal aliens will NOT recieve government healthcare.”

    Your claim requires that you produce evidence. Please quote the part of any of the proposed bills that allows for illegal aliens getting healthcare. What you’ll find is a passage that specifically disallows it.

  13. I can’t ignore the irony in the argument that we are going to restrict health care coverage to illegal immigrants through a law making it illegal.

    Wasn’t there a law making their presence here illegal?

    I guess we’ll enforce this law.

    When the democrats vote down amendments requiring verification of citizenship before receiving coverage, I can’t help but be skeptical of the enforcement of the prohibition in the bill.

    Immigrants aren’t evil people. But if we become a beacon of free mandatory health care for anyone in the world who makes it to our shores, we are going to become a magnet and absorb the financial burden for sick people the world over.

  14. Rick:

    I’ve visit this site occassionally and I enjoy the news you provide here. I don’t always agree with the political commentary, but I think you do a good job of gathering facts about the community and providing insight into local media.

    But the comments you made above have “tarnished your star,” so to speak. I find it childish and offensive that you should refer to opponents 0f President Obama’s health care plan as “racist rednecks.” The tactic reminds me of the way Republicans during the President Bush administration blasted Iraq War opponents as “unpatriotic.” Both approaches are distasteful. Both rely on stuffing a false, scarecrow argument, then beating it down and declaring “victory” while not addressing the real issues. It’s a sign of lazy journalism built on stereotypes.

    I oppose President Obama’s view of health care reform. I am not a racist.

    I oppose it because I don’t believe President Obama’s premise that private industry will have the power to compete with a public “option.” How could a health insurance company compete with the same entity that 1) prints money, 2) levies taxes and 3) drafts and enacts legislation?

    If the public “option” is failing to compete, the government will just print more money for it. If private industry is succeeding, the government will simply hit them with more taxes in the form of fees. Or it will pass legislation to make it more difficult for those companies to operate.

    In the end, we’ll simply end up with the public “option” with no competitor, or at most, a very weak private competitor neutered of any effectiveness. When that happens, the public “option” will quickly descend to the same level of service offered by so many other government programs.

    (Not to mention the fact that, 10-12 years down the line, the ACLU will likely file a lawsuit, indicating that any funds from the public “option” that go toward entities like Baptist Hospital East will violate “Separation of Church and State.” Once that happens, Democrats and Republicans alike will moan about how they “never expected this to happen” but “there’s nothing we can do about it.”)

    I have always opposed health care reform that involves a public option – long before President Obama came along. Your “racist, redneck” comment was uncalled for, ridiculous on its face, and unfortunately, has tarnished a Web site with a (before now) great reputation.

  15. This site never had a great reputation to begin with. I enjoy the updates on TV and radio, but the political commentary is just left wing trash.

  16. Hey, thanks for the shout out from all ya kind folk! I was skeert to use the N-word on dis blog, but y’all mus’ be mo’ libral than them blue Cats down da road.

    An’ while I’m handin’ out da props, here’s a big shout-out to my man, Mayor Jerr. Homey sez ‘thanks’ fo’ finely gettin’ da trash was used to be my belongin’s out from in fronta ma’ crib. I only wish there wuz sumplace downtown I could go an’ replace it all.

    Seems I might jus’ roll on over to 4th Street an’ spen’ my new couch money on drinks for me & my crew insted. Maybe get in a little bowlin’ while we at it…

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