For Mayor: Tyler Allen Is In

This is no surprise to anyone following the musical chairs of the Mayor’s Race, but Tyler Allen is running for Mayor.

Allen filed paperwork with the State which allows him to start raising money, and told the C-J that he will make a formal announcement of his plans soon. He told us weeks ago that he was pretty sure he was going to join in the race.

Allen is a co-founder of, which advocates building an East End bridge and removing sections of I-64 downtown. He also owns a successful company, USA Image Technologies, in Jeffersontown.

The 40-year-old is an ardent critic of Mayor Jerry Abramson, and especially his opinions on the bridges plan for downtown.

Next May’s Democratic primary will include Metro Council members Jim King and David Tandy, businessman Greg Fischer and community volunteer Connie Marshall.

6 thoughts on “For Mayor: Tyler Allen Is In

  1. What’s Worse has been asked to meet with TA. But 8664 is not good for the minority community in West Louisville. with increaed traffic in the streets means home values will fall. I think he is one issue candidate and that won’t win him votes. It oculd lead to a Republican winning. So what’s worse thinks TA means a Republican victory. Do we hae a green candidate taht is progressive and deson’t own property by the East End Bridge?

  2. What’s worse clearly doesnt understand that busy streets mean higher property values, not lower. Take a peak at Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue.

  3. Jim King is happy another democrat is in the race. It lowers the percentage he needs to win. And God knows he needs it lowered to win. I will vote republican if King is the nominee.

  4. OK Ken Herndon and that’s why housing near freeways are worth crap and houses on one-way streets in your neighborhood Old Louisville do poorly compared to two-way streets. KH I can’t believe you continue to advocate more cars going faster on one-way streets. Wake up. We want traffic calming not more cars. What’s worse? Tyler Allen one dimensional approach.

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