Just Some of the Stuff Missed Today

Miss a few hours to do a solid for a friend, miss a lot. Big thanks to Jake for filling the gaps today. Here’s some of it, and we’ll follow up on our pile of stories ready to be written tomorrow:

New #2 at the C-J: Jean Porter is promoted to Ben Post’s positing as managing editor at the local paper. She’s been there forever (1983) and grew up reading the paper. Seems like a good choice. Benny Ivory is her boss. [C-J]

Deny, Deny, Deny: Spencer County Judge-Executive David Jenkins should lose his job. Not for visiting a skanky 7th Street strip club and charging it to a KACo credit card, but for lying repeatedly about it. His signature and vital info shows up on the receipts, and he hides from media. Despicable. [Herald-Leader]

More Heads Should Roll: If you missed it, KACo executive director Bob Arnold resigned under pressure last week, but not before being assured he’d get $178K in salary through NEXT June – for doing nothing.  The suits say it’s part of his termination clause in his contract. So let’s go after whoever is writing employment contracts in the state, and quit rewarding incompetence with plush deals. [Herald-Leader]

And Some More Nuts: Listening to Francene’s radio show on the drive to Indy, on the topic of the public high school football coach in Breckenridge County taking players to church, the lunatic fringe was out in force. One guy equated the situation with school buses taking kids to the Ali Center, reasoning that they’re all being indoctrinated into the Muslim religion, since Ali is Muslim. Others said it’s all OK since the coach’s church was Christian. Logic is lost on these people. [Courier]

Friend of Lou-A-Thon: We’re taking total credit for this. More than 1,000 people have signed up for the Friend of Lou buddy campaign since a new campaign was launched Sept. 1. Today they launched some new TV ads, which we may show you tomorrow. [FoL]

A New Feature: We’re shouting out media birthdays, and today is WHAS-TV’s Andy Treinen’s 41st.

4 thoughts on “Just Some of the Stuff Missed Today

  1. Because the Friend of Lou people and Pissability City people are pretty much annoying individuals with nothing better to do than tout the city. How about getting more business and industry in here that pays good wages. Not a bunch of welfare slackers that sit around for years on the public dole including those people downtown at Metro Government and at Greater Louisville Inc. with their catchy campaigns that no one outside of Louisville even believes.

    If they spent half their time doing something productive and getting jobs here and where people made better money, there wouldn’t be any reason why we would need catchy phrases to entice people from Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, SF, Tampa, etc. They would already be coming here in droves and the reason they aren’t is because the local economy and job market sucks!!

  2. More Nuts:

    I am a Christian, and the public high school football coach in Breckenridge County taking players to church bothers me. While Christ taught that He is the way, the truth, the light, he did not teach that people could come forced to him. In fact, Jesus instructed several of his apostles that when they went out to witness, if the people would not listen, to “knock the dust off their sandals” as they left the town and move on to the next. If these kids did make professions not of the own free will and volition, then yea we have a problem here. It’s not in line with the teachings of Christ. Any Christian that cannot see that, is not paying attention.

    However, before anyone rushes to judgement, let’s wait and see how the facts shake out.

    Francene made an excellent point that none of the people who disagreed with her addressed when she bought it up. That is, what if it was not a church they agreed with. What if it was a Catholic church? A mosque? A Buddist temple?

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