Back from a Big Weekend

OK, guess it’s time for getting back to work after a weekend of WorldFest, Green Building Art Show, racquetball, U of L football (thanks, Chris, for the tickets), Bluegrass Music Fest, Biking with the Mayor and some golf.

It was another great success for the Hike & Bike, and really gratifying to hear the Mayor list The ‘Ville Voice among the event’s sponsors. The rain threatened early, then kept things cool for an exhilarating ride to Iroquois Park and back downtown. 11-year-old Luke, on his first ride of this distance, did great and couldn’t have been more excited about finishing. Whoever the next Mayor is had better continue this twice-yearly ride.

Those of you who won tickets to the Bluegrass Music Festival also got to see and hear some great music at the Water Tower. We sponsored three Bisig Impact Group shows down at the Water Tower this summer — every one well-organized and fun.

So let’s get back to some news, including what’s happening today, which is. . .

Thieneman for Mayor: When he had a press conference last week to announce his intentions to sue the city over the Cordish deal, Chris Thieneman said he simply wanted to expose corrupt practices in city government. But the event sparked supporters to push him to run for Mayor, and he’ll jump in the race officially later today at Ernesto’s on Dixie Highway, the same place that he started pushing a month ago to get Dan Seum to run. He’ll be the first Republican in.

Hide the Kids: The White House released the text of the speech Pres. Obama will give to America’s children in school tomorrow, and it’s hardly anything to fear.  In fact, you parents who keep your kids from hearing it — are really delivering the wrong message. [Obama’s speech]

Something for Parents to Worry About: In Breckenridge County, a high school football coach took players from his public school to his church where some were baptized without parental consent. And the superintendent says it’s OK because coaches paid for the gas. Can you imagine that happening in Jefferson County? [Courier]

Breaking the Rules with Rick: When anchors introduced Kyle Draper’s sports report on WHAS-TV last week, he said he was instructed to stick to basketball questions. But Draper broke the rules and included questions that aren’t about hoops. And led his reporting with the Sypher story. At the end, Draper talks about how local reporters have to build their relationship with U of L.  [WHAS-TV]

Long Season Ahead: Fans at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium are not going to be happy with this football team. That 30-10 win over one of the worst teams in college football was not the stuff that inspired confidence.

Truly Blue: One of our favorite local artists, Leslie Lyons, has finished a book about her unique relationship with her father, Dicky Lyons, and her brother, Dicky Lyons, Jr. It’s a fascinating read about UK sports and football from the unique perspective of a woman who witnessed both of their UK careers. I’ll have more on it later. [Set Shot Press]

3 thoughts on “Back from a Big Weekend

  1. Petino came out looking pretty good in the Draper piece. I think we’ve all become pretty tolerant of scandal. There’s a big flare-up then a huge yawn. It’s getting so you can’t really be considered a true celebrity unless you’ve had a scorcher.

  2. “Rick, the Lucky Fella”

    Also glad to see Rick lookin’ so sprightly in the Draper episode. It was like “That’s Amore” all over again. Soon he’ll be “dancin’ down the street,” headed for Porcini’s like ole times, “a cloud at (his) feet, like he’s “had too much wine.” Keep up the spirits, Rick–you’ll need that and then some for what you’re going to face.

  3. “There Will Be Blood at Belknap”

    The UofL win over Indiana State will be the high point of the football season. I expect we’ll beat Arkansas State (by a whisker) at season’s end–and nada in-between. Go, Cards, cough, cough.

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