A Small Step for Truth

Making Time Stand Still: An alert reader informed us the big countdown clock at the arena site has been stuck on 442 days for some time now. Oops. So we called the Arena Authority. Apparently no one had noticed. But it’ll be working again tomorrow. Next November it should be ready. The Arena, not the clock.

Yarmuth Speaks Again: Today John Yarmuth spoke to a packed house at Vincenzo’s, where he talked about health care reform at the Louisville Forum. Mike Muldoon, executive director of the Health Enterprise Network, also spoke. From all indications, audience members were civil. Guess the teabaggers didn’t know about it.

One Small Step for Transparency: Tomorrow Hal Heiner and Ken Fleming are unveiling that new website that is essentially a searchable checkbook. You’ll be able to look up any payment made by government in the past three fiscal years. Of course, with the Cordish money that’s all in the news, you won’t be able to find out what they did with the money.

Much Obama About Nothing: Your kids heard the President’s speech at school today. They’re probably inspired to stay in school. Either that, or they’ll express a newfound appreciation for Communism and Socialism. [C-J]

Meloche’s Excuse Parade: Tomorrow Kelly Downard will host an appearance by Gilles Meloche in a Metro Council committee meeting explaining what happened down there at Metro Animal Services during the August flood. We hear there’s some interesting new evidence, and that it won’t be good for Meloche.

8 thoughts on “A Small Step for Truth

  1. “C-J Propaganda at Central High”

    Students inspired–horse hockey. Standing room only–hogwash. Touched their hearts–bull. Parental overreaction–no respect for authority. Obama trying to help–socialist dogma. The C-J has proven what it really stands for: Commie-Jerks. The time is now for KY to secede. Our Union is a lost cause for generations to come.

  2. My mom is a teacher and in her school most kids didn’t care one way or the other. Obama did no good nor no harm. It was a empty gesture.

  3. “For Cousin Guss”

    Gary, I guess you don’t follow this blog or can’t tell satire. The above comment from me was a thinly veiled bit of irony and sarcasm. Anyway, welcome to Jake’s blogspot.
    P.S. I would agree to be hit in the ass with a door if this wasn’t quaint satire.

  4. “Bring Back America”

    BTW, the fact that Cousin Guss fell for the blatant satire in my comment shows how pervasive and real such idiocy (not him) is in America today. It is indeed a sad commentary on our country’s present. Hope it does not last into the future.

  5. Novena,
    It’s hard to keep track of the players here. If I have to “know” you to get the satire then it’s poorly executed. If you plan on going around posting extreme ideas that are exactly the opposite of how you really feel, then you are going to confuse a lot of people – including me. You came off like just another nutcase, so something’s missing in your comedic approach. Or, maybe we all just have to program ourselves to remember that Novena is “Opposite Person!”

  6. “Mea Culpa, KY Guy”

    I get your point about the confusion. I assumed too much in terms of Jake’s readers. I shall be more explicit in future comments. Again, point well taken.

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