The Answer to What Gen X Music Is

OK, so here’s your answer. The old Louie 100.5 is switching formats — to the new Gen X, WLGX-FM.

According to the news release that just arrived from Clear Channel, the station will feature “. . . music from the 80’s and 90’s, and crosses cultures with hits from Grunge, Hip Hop, Hair Bands, Boy Bands and more. Music by artists like U-2, Eminem, Dave Matthews, Madonna and Pearl Jam presented with irreverent unpredictability will turn listeners into fans.”

And lots of commercials, and no DJs. Pumped in from some non-descript studio somewhere in the U.S., the same thing they’re hearing in other Clear Channel markets will flailing formats.

Quotes from Market President Bill Gentry and Programming VP Jon Zellner tout it as something new and different, yada, yada, yada.

You’re right, I’m not in the demo.  Just chiming in on the downfall of commercial radio.

15 thoughts on “The Answer to What Gen X Music Is

  1. Wow…Louisville radio keeps gving me reasons to never move back home and work. I’ll keep kickin it here in BG, TYVM

  2. It’ll be great to listen to for a week but by the 5th time you hear Smells Like Spirit… someone hit scan please..

  3. Thank god for winamp and my collection of MP3s. Cause this town’s radio lineup has more suck than a Oreck store.

  4. Time to get those CD’s packed up in the car. CC has totally killed the once golden entertainment business known as radio.

  5. So basicly what they have done is narrowed down Louie’s playlist. I tell you what, this XM radio keeps getting to be a better investment all the time.

  6. Trust me Carter,

    I have XM and its not as what everyone thinks it is.

    I’ve took road trips and flip thru the channels and sometimes find 3 or 4 channels playing the same song.


    Listening for a long duration of time and hearing the same song 2 or 3 times in a day.

    Its not the new era of radio… Matter of fact I’m considering selling. Buying a MP3 CD Player putting a ton of songs that I like on a couple CD’s and just listening to that.

  7. John, my two favorite channels are 6, 7, 8, 46 and 49. I also like the Blue Collar channel. Along with Watercolors. Granted, the playlists have changed since the merger with Sirius. If the music gets tiring I’ll flip over to ESPN radio or the audio feed of Fox News.

    To me, what XM is doing is still better than broadcast radio in Louisville/Lexington or any of the other markets owned by the consolidators. OTA radio has something XM will never have, localism. Yet they refuse to use it. I think broadcasters are trying to sound like the satcasters.

  8. Not by choice, but I’m an XM subscriber. I used to have Sirius and had a car that had XM. Well, it sucks. And I think it’s such a joke that the companies merged and yet you have to pay MORE money to get sirius channels. I lost Nascar, NFL, it just sucks. I’d love to have sirius back. That said, anything’s better than the FM crap here.

  9. Commercial radio has not been good for years. But what do you expect from clear channel anyway? Almost everything they have is useless.

  10. I still like public radio. Not so sucky. And I don’t think the terrestrial stations are TRYING to sound like the sat. It’s just that is what you’re going to sound like when you program on the cheap. We armchair programmers had better get ready to put out money where our mouths are. I have a feeling there will be a lot of stations for sale over the next few years. It will be interesting to see how profitable we who complain will make them. Actually, I think I could make more money than most of them with all local musicians, “Swap Shop”, “Obituaries” and “Over The Back Fence.”

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  12. The real problem is that consolidation of the media empires is what happened and its usually under just a few companies. When you do some analysis of the situation, you’ll find that the vast majority of US FM stations are owned by a few companies. No real local value there. Easy for them to pull the plug on the local talent and put a DJ on from a remote location using syndicated programming and music.

    Look at Rush Limbaugh, he’s on an AM station in just about every city and if you scan the AM dial you will hear him on a variety of stations. I know of at least several that can be heard all the way from Central Indiana back to Louisville. Sad but true.

    The government has a vested interest in keeping these stations in this system. One, it allows the corporate factor of having radio controlled by big interests. It limits program diversity in that only a few pre approved shows can prosper. This limits the ability to put opposing viewpoints on the air that would be counter to what they want the people to know.

    As far as the local FM jukeboxes in Louisville go, most of them do truly suck and that’s not just in genre but generally boring programming. Or the same 5 songs being played on 3 or 4 different stations.

    CC is probably the worst of the offenders in this area but if you go just about anywhere with the exception of say Memphis and other places, you won’t hear much music diversity in Indianapolis, Cincy, Nashville, etc. Its the same everywhere and that is the way they want it.

    If we had a multitude of independent voices, we would see a much better system for the people. However, they would rather transfer all radio to a pay system which is why current programming sucks. Why create good local radio that is free to air and advertiser supported when they can take 10 to 15 out of your pocket every month to listen to Satellite. Its unfortunately the nature of the system to consolidate ideas and limit choice.

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