Lawsuit Ready, Thieneman Agrees to Wait a Few Days

The lawsuit Chris Thieneman wants to file against the city over the Cordish Company’s $950,000 loan is ready. This morning the South End activist told media and a few dozen supporters that he would wait a few days, max, for attorney general Jack Conway’s long-awaited opinion on the matter.

“We’ll see if he’s really a tough son of a bitch,” Thieneman said of Conway, who got a request for an opinion on the use of funds on December 11.

According to Thieneman, Hal Heiner placed a phone call to him this week requesting that Thieneman delay legal action against the city until Conway issues his report. Heiner told Thieneman he expected the report by Friday.

In the press conference, Thieneman brought up other transparency issues, and singled out Metro Council president David Tandy for working to defeat Senate bill 80 in the last legislative session in Frankfort, and for signing a confidentiality agreement with Cordish when he visited its Baltimore offices a few weeks ago.

In the unfiled lawsuit, Thieneman questions the authority of Mayor Jerry Abramson to transfer funds issued for one project to another — which is what Abramson did when he granted Cordish the money originally intended for a national seafood chain in the Starks Building.

The suit asks if the city auditor can agree to a “confidential” audit which is not available to the public.

Elsewhere in the suit, the transfer of revenue from Louisville Slugger Field to the Downtown Development Corporation is questioned. Finally, the suit asks for a judgement from the court and a reimbursement of attorney fees.

Thieneman said he represents an organization called the Small Business Alliance, a group of small business owners.

13 thoughts on “Lawsuit Ready, Thieneman Agrees to Wait a Few Days

  1. Go get them Chris.
    I guess the tough son of a bitch will release his findings late Friday afternoon as to try and bury it in the slow 3 day holiday weekend news. I am sure he will not want to upset the Abramson apple cart with his release.
    Hey tough son of a bitch, any word on your long awaited investigation/anouncement on why Louisville pays higher gas prices than anywhere else in the state?

  2. Would be awesome if something came out of this. However, it’s another case like Swift: Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

  3. I’d give that tough son of a bitch until 3 o’clock Friday. At 3:05, if nothing has been heard, I’d be at the Hall o’ Justice filing the lawsuit. I’m getting tired of this pussyfooting around.

  4. I say that Tough SOB, has had NINE months to render his opinion!…..sounds to me as if is a little Timmid not Tough?….how can it take that long to give an answer? on something so politically hot ???

  5. Chris: Please consider running for Mayor. So far, all we have are non-starters in this race and it’s making me think seriously about moving where there’s less corruption in government. Like, New Jersey maybe…

  6. I believe Chris would have a larger backing than he could ever imagine. The PEOPLE of Jefferson County are ready for a change. I am with you EdenSprings on the move, just to get out of this hell hole Metro. I am pondering Henry County, no mans land.

  7. At least in Henry County you would just be liable for state and federal taxes and not pay 2.2 percent of your income to fund the Metro. Not to mention all of the other shake down schemes.

    Maybe you should move to Indiana like a lot of the local businesses are doing. At least they don’t shake everyone down like KY is doing. KY is losing jobs to Indiana and Tennessee and frankly I can see why.

    Less business taxes, less income taxes, less regulation and duplication, business friendly, better workmans compensation laws, less overall BS. Louisville Metro is so retarded that they have multiple systems of government working here. For example, buy a car and pay taxes, title, license to the County Clerks office. Then get a drivers license you have to go to Metro Government. Its got to be the most ass backward system.

    Same goes for a lot of different systems in this state. Especially in Louisville. Getting anything done here is like pulling teeth. Especially when you go to government. Government runs this place and not really business. Which is why the economy here locally sucks and has been that way for years. Beautiful city, generally friendly people, but poor job growth. Unless you’re one of the Abramson clique and their group that taxes everything to death to give away 64k jobs to William Summers son.

    The only problem with going to an outlying county is that you still have to deal with working in Louisville and the regressive system they have here. At least maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about the types that think they need to control everyone else. Its a lot less prevalent in the country that you have those people. Especially in small towns, with the exception of the biddies that worry about everyone else. At least they aren’t overreaching government telling you what to do constantly or be fined.

  8. Car insurance is a great example. I moved here in 2008 and lived across the river for a few years before. When I came to KY, the auto insurance premiums on my 4 year old vehicle increased by about 30 percent. But instead of paying that crap, I signed with a nationally well known company and it dropped it quite a bit.

    The people in the business community are beginning to figure out having this metro hasn’t really helped them. Especially when you see places like Med Venture, C. Lee Cook, Clarcor, etc move 1000 plus jobs out of the city. That just goes to show you that someone is doing their math and its not the people running Louisville Metro. It will continue and just wait until the East End bridge is built and Southern Indiana lights up like the 4th of July. Because there is plenty of land for expansion and less bureaucratic bungling to deal with.

    Which is why this current council of politically correct dunces needs to be ousted before they end up moving more business out of the city to escape the increasingly stupid regulations and tax burdens. Just like the JBS Swift situation, its a surprise they are still in existence and not off to some other location. Same for Rubbertown and all the other places that manufacture products that make life good.

    I say that the people that want all these businesses to leave need to buck up and pay out more that way they can fund government through their own dwindling tax base. Which is why the city is broke and the idiots running it are doing everything in their power to continue the carnage.

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