Gaining Weekend Momentum Edition

Hang in there. One more day ’til the Labor Day weekend starts. What the hell, go ahead and start.

Eye-ing Hal’s Seat: As soon as Hal Heiner announces that he’s running for Mayor in a week or two, retired police officer Kevan Rumpel is ready to run for his 19th District Metro Council seat in the East End. Rumpel, who was at this morning’s Chris Thieneman press conference, is a founder of the Small Business Alliance along with Thieneman and a few others.

More Prosecution Whining: The Stinson case has become a whine-fest for the prosecution, which seems to know it can’t win.  Prosecutors didn’t like the balance of gender in the jury that was seated today, and filed a challenge. Now the thing can finally get started. [Courier]

Some Good News: One of the nicest women around, my fellow Brown Mackie faculty member Anna Belle Pfau, is recognized for all her talents in this month’s Today’s Woman. [Today’s Woman]

Nothing New Here, Except Saying What Really Happens: Jack Conway’s campaign is raising a stink over wording in a fund-raising e-mail from Dan Mongiardo. In it, donors are promised access to the Guv in exchange for cash at an event. Which is how it usually works. [Herald-Leader]

A Reason to Watch Tonight’s Eastern Kentucky at Indiana University football game: The sideline reporter will be Fox41 producer/hottie Larra Overton. Trust me. Ex-U of L announcer Ari Wolfe has the play-by-play. It’s on the Big Ten Network tonight at 8. [Big Ten]

Time-Wasting Baggy Pants Ordinance Passes: Really. Judy Green got her goofy baggy pants ordinance approved by the Community Affairs committee. The full Council will waste time on this next. [Fat Lip]

Discounts in St. Matthews: First the Highlands, then downtown and now the folks behind the VIP discount cards have a St. Matthews/Frankfort Avenue version. For those of you into saving $$. [VIP]

7 thoughts on “Gaining Weekend Momentum Edition

  1. Why they are even bothering covering this is beyond me. There has been so much crap in the pretrial that they might as well skip this one and move on to the inevitable appeal.

  2. “Judy’s Crappy Public Show of Trouble”

    Hey Jude, with all the crap you bring before the Metro Council, you should have made an exception for yourself on your “pull up your pants” ordinance. It would have saved you a lot of time and trouble not to have to lift your trousers so constantly (especially if you have a wide stance).

  3. The Stinson case is not a slam dunk for the prosecution. You already have doctors saying Gilpin was not dehydrated and the ADHD drugs he was on was a contributing factor along with the bonehead decision not to preform an autopsy. Stinson has to be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. I see whole lots of doubt that his actions caused Gilpin’s death.

  4. Magruder, when exactly did you become a Doctor? Leave the cause of death to the coroner and real medical professionals.

    Magruder, I played football for four years and we ran our butts off in 90-100 degree temperatures. No one died, no one was permanently maimed and this was 15 years ago. We ran our butts off and no one died, no one got hurt, etc. Maybe the kids now aren’t in the best of shape or maybe they are on other meds like was alleged in this case. That’s for the coroner and doctors to determine and the jury to convict or acquit him.

    Kids today aren’t in very good shape anyway and playing contact sports in 90-100 degree temperatures at 75 percent humidity is going to take it out of a person. Even if they have frequent water breaks, it will happen. We were actually warned not to drink too much water or you would end up getting sick.

    Plus, Adderall is known for causing dehydration. Not to mention use of creatine is not exactly a good thing in this case either. From what news reports say, its also using creatine which acts as an accelerant.

    So before you start popping off about what you know, learn something first instead of having a hunch.

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