The News Just Keeps on Coming

Fit to Sue: Even though Hal Heiner tried to talk him out of it, Chris Thieneman will hold a press conference on Thursday on Fourth Street to publicize his planned lawsuit against the city over this Cordish $950,000 loan mess. Heiner worries the suit might affect AG Jack Conway’s opinion on the issue, expected to be released about the same time. More in [LEO]

Greed, Just Greed: Some couple in Ashland bought John Schnatter’s Camaro from him in 1983, but sold it nine years ago to a guy in Flatwoods. The Ashland couple helped the pizza guy find it. When they found out Schnatter paid $250K for it, they wanted some of the action. And turned down a $25K finders fee.  And threatened to sue. [WLKY]

Where the Gals Are: Julie Raque Adams and Ellen Call are wondering if Mayor’s aide Mary Gwen Wheeler will step into the Mayor’s race, since there are no women who have showed any interest. They also think Tina Ward-Pugh will jump in. Sorry, gals, we’re not ready to believe that one. [Call and Adams]

Bragging Rights: Yippee! The city website is among the top websites in the country. Let’s hope we’re not sending anyone to the Awards Gala in Hollywood later this month.

Cable Choice: You’ve heard AT&T is competing with Insight now. We found a website that compares local coverage of the announcement by the four TV stations.  [Stop the Cap]

A Nation Turns Its Eyes to PRP: The Jason Stinson trial was mentioned on ESPN and two national network news programs.  Judge Susan Gibson refused a prosecution request for a delay and tried to keep reporters out. [WHAS-TV]

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3 thoughts on “The News Just Keeps on Coming

  1. I am definitely a vocal supporter of Tina Ward-Pugh myself, but I really hope that she and Tyler Allen can work out a deal where only one of them runs, but carries the issues and strong support of the other. Their bases of voters have a very major intersection.

  2. Exactly. I would either/or them, but they can’t both run. Allen would be my first choice – I look forward to his using the political arena to frame his vision for the future of the city.

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