Louie Needs Some Friends

Wondering what’s up with Louie FM?

Me, too. But no one at the station’s talking about the big format change. The station let two on-air personalities go yesterday — J.J. Jackson (from the morning show) and J.J. Duling, the last of a dying species of what used to be known as disc jockeys.

Here’s what you hear right now between music breaks:

“Something new coming to this frequency. Set all radios to this station. Tomorrow at 5.”

Admittedly, I’m not a Louie FM listener, but it’s too bad that a couple more local radio jobs are disappearing. If you didn’t know, 100.5 is one of Clear Channel’s stations, and has been running “Real Music Variety” for a while now as Louie FM.

As for the station, Clear Channel’s Kelly Carls isn’t talking about the new format, saying only that there will be an announcement soon.

For one thing, you can bet that if it’s a new music format, it will be pumped in from somewhere else.

Soon let’s speculate, shall we? One message board suggested that Clear Channel would simulcast the signal from WHAS Radio. What else could it be? Country? Talk? Sports?

What do you think?

18 thoughts on “Louie Needs Some Friends

  1. I actually like this format and it’s probably the station I listen to most. It’s one of many “Jack” format stations that is supposed to have more variety than other stations and because of it I discovered some newer music that I liked but had never heard. I can’t believe this town has room for 2 classic rock stations. As far what it will now become, here’s my guess…. something totally unimaginative.

  2. My prediction…

    100.5 will simulcast 84 WHAS to compete with 105.1 ( like their any competition anyway ) and another excellent Louisville signal goes to waste.

  3. Sports? No, unless it’s ESPN Radio and why? Clear Channel/Premiere radio already run Fox Sports Radio on two stations in town.

    Talk? Unless it’s Air America, I don’t think so.

    All 80’s? (like on their HD-Radio sub channels) no, but Louisville needs a good 80’s station.

    Hip-Hop/Rap- isn’t that’s what’s on 99.7 and 98.9?

    I say back to WLRS’s modern rock format.

  4. How about ‘all tuba all the time’…or ’45 minutes of commercial-free bavarian cheese whistle per hour…how about ‘a durp, a durp, a durpity durp’…or ‘Cal 100.5, where Coach Cal can sell his book to the retarded masses 24/7, and Cat fans can hear sound bytes of Saint John farting in the bathtub whilst manscaping’.

  5. Just a friendly reminder that you folks are always welcome to join me down the dial at 91.9 in the mornings. I’ve got Starsailor, Buck Owens, The Whigs, Paolo Nutini, Nick Drake, Silversun Pickups, Loretta Lynn, Imogen Heap and a bunch more queued up for this morning. And a bunch of Louisville music, too. Come hang out.

  6. Two words…. Slacker Radio. Since discovering this website/iPhone app, I have not listened to the radio (except NPR). Clear Channel killed radio. In all honesty, Louie FM was the only station of theirs I found listenable, so it makes since they would kill it.

    Clear Channel is a giant fail. What I find most amusing is that even their iPhone application that gives you access to their stations is a massive fail. I have yet to be able to keep a connection for more than five minutes at a time. Not true of the Public Radio app, Slacker, Pandora, or other streaming audio apps.

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