City Needs Some Really Good Friends

The Friend of Lou campaign is back at attempting to get attention with a new burst of publicity in an attempt to sign up 20,000 Friends of Lou this month. They’ve got Louisville’s B-List of celebs involved — Southern Belle Emily Gimmel, Darryl Isaac (???), Patti Swope and Terry Meiners are among those involved.

The campaign put together this video as a sign of things to come.

All this is paid for by the Greater Louisville Branding Project (remember those videos diss-ing Boston, Atlanta and Dallas), which consists of GLI, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, local businesses and, yes, Metro Government.

If you sign up, you might get some cool stuff in the mail. Tell ’em the ‘Ville Voice sent you.

11 thoughts on “City Needs Some Really Good Friends

  1. Muy bueno, Cantinflas. How can this fail with the fat boy ambulance chaser leading the charge? And when does Patti Swope ever find the time to peddle cars?

  2. Hmmm…guess since we don’t have any industry coming to the area, and what with so many existing employers folding and the number of homeless increasing daily and political corruption rampant, we have nothing else to do but beat our own gums …uh, I meant drums.

    Jerry must be in a world of hurt. Let’s all imagine a bright new Louisville without him in it, shall we?

  3. Forgot to mention, that’s the first time I’ve seen D. Isaacs in a commercial that wasn’t produced as an elementary school class project. Guess we ARE possum’bility city!

  4. Louisville needs to worry about cleaning up its own trailer parks and run down city before bashing anywhere else. Way too much in the way of dumpy areas around here for anyone from this place to be bashing Dallas, Atlanta, etc. When 25 percent of the local population lives in poverty or near poverty conditions, one has to ask what the hell is going on around here. Even hick towns and counties in Indiana have lower rates of poverty.

    Louisville doesn’t really get it about much of anything. Whether it comes from getting paying jobs. From bashing other cities about the greatness of Louisville. Sorry, I’ve never seen this place as being so special. Maybe in the views of the people here that have never been much of anywhere else.

    I might change my views if Louisville really worked at getting paying jobs and creating some level of economic prosperity for all rather than the moneyed few that live in the East End. Meanwhile their hot oil boys constantly run around like a chicken with their heads cut off telling us the greatness of the largest city in Kentucky that can’t even get its population figures correct.

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