Pitino Blasts Media

Rick Pitino blasted the media for reporting on the Karen Sypher mess today. Apparently, he was really upset that local TV stations broke into programming today, on the day of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, to report Sypher’s allegations as they were released to media.

Here are some quotes from the just-completed news conference, which lasted about 10 minutes. Pitino did not take questions.  He opened with a brief joke for reporters:

“If you think I’m resigning you’re going to be disappointed.”

The rest was a scolding of media for reporting the Sypher story.

“I’m a little upset. I went home to comfort my wife, because she was having a difficult time, and she shouldn’t have to deal with this.

“It’s a pretty sad day. I understand your business very well. I understand the competitiveness of it. What I don’t understand why you keep fostering this behavior.

“On a day when Sen. Kennedy died, we broke into the news with Karen Sypher. It’s a sad commentary.

“Just yesterday, I was not pleased, when the U.S. attorney asked for a competency hearing on this individual.

“I need this thing to go to trial.

“The FBI doesn’t care about basketball. We’re missing the whole point. I was blackmailed seven months ago. These allegations were declared void.

“We need to get on with the important things in life, like the economy.

“Wait for the trial and the truth will come out.

“If you’re watching the news and this comes on, turn the channel.

“This is someone who lies inconsistently to get their way.

“Everything that’s been reported is 100 percent a lie. All of this has been a lie, a total fabrication of the truth, except what I’ve told you. Tim Sypher has not come forward to tell the truth, because he’s in a custody battle for his child. The university and the authorities said, don’t say anything.

“It hasn’t hurt recruiting one bit. We will still bring in Top Ten players. Our fans are the greatest in college basketball. We will run the program with great integrity.

“You shouldn’t be reporting the lies.”

Pitino finished, and walked out of the room.

So, anyone think Pitino’s media scolding will keep him out of the top spot on anyone’s newscast tonight?