Obsession and Kissing a Pig

You want to go with us Sunday to see Marty Pollio at the Comedy Caravan. We’ll get you in free. Sign up here.

Pervert-ibility City: Shit. Go figure. Just because we like Google-ing “cunt” we get tagged with the “Obscene City” title. Better get the tough son of a bitch attorney general on it. [Silicon Alley Insider]

Wonder What These Guys Were Googling: Back in April, we reported that local police were upset with WLKY-TV for prematurely reporting on their Operation Bulldog, a sex sting modeled after the TV show “To Catch a Predator.” Yesterday, the cops announced they’d caught 14 men who had tried to lure cops posing as under-age girls to have sex with them. They’re mostly white guys from the East End. [WLKY]

While We’re on the Topic: Rick Pitino, like many do during a personal crisis, is focusing on his work – basketball. And Pitino’s troubles haven’t hurt (could they possibly help?) recruiting efforts. A UK professor tells the AP that as long as Rick keeps winning, the scandal will blow over. And the Rick’s still on board for that motivational thingie Sept. 29. [Crawford, AP]

The Problem With Aspring to be like West Virginia: The Mountaineer Race Track, the first to add slots, is struggling to make it financially, in part because politicians keep taking bigger slices of revenue. Watch for this story to reappear next time Churchill brings up its need for slots. [Courier]

The C-J Editors are Hokey: They asked us to say that.  Still, as the dad of an incoming freshman, the start of fall classes is something to get excited about. We’re not letting up on the university, but I’m looking forward to Parents Weekend. [Editors]

Don’t Send Us a Bill: Remember how we told you about those new SEC rules about blogging at games? It’s the topic of a New York Times national story, which includes news that Wisconsin officials are sending bills to bloggers it determines are reporting on games. [NYTimes]

Media at the Fair: It’s WHAS-TV Day and either Andy, Rachel or Kelsey will be kissing a pig. Funny. I mean typing “kissing a pig.”