Not Just Any Friday…

Here’s some stuff that’s worth reporting…

They’re Not Evil, They’re Your Insurance Company: Wonder how many Humana employees the P.R. staff there considered before offering up Max Shireman to the NYTimes as a typical, non-evil employee? The big paper did a story on how tough it is to work for a company in the middle of the biggest political issue of our time. Shireman got a shot in at his pals over at Papa John’s, implying the food makes you sick. [NYTimes]

More Than 50,000 Drunks Served Since 2004: OK, CityScoot isn’t going to hire me to write slogans. But the local biz was featured in the Times’ story about entrepreneurs in the “take you, your car and your drunk butt home” business. A business that is booming. That’s right, Billy G., you should have called them. [NYTimes]

Count on This Book: It’s hard to hold back praise for Gill Holland, who has added “author” to his list of accolades. He’s just published “Louisville Counts”, an art book for kids featuring 21 local artists and 21 cool things about our little town. Luke, age 11, loved it. Proceeds go to the Art Sparks Interactive Gallery at the Speed Museum. Get one around town or stop by the Green Building, on East Market Street.

Just Another Joe: Don’t forget to watch Animal Planet’s “Jockey” reality series. Tonight’s second episode features 19-year-old jockey Joe Talamo on the road to the Kentucky Derby. Insight 60 at 9. [Animal Planet]

A Look Ahead: Get ready for some national media attention. Ex-PRP football coach Jason Stinson’s trial starts Monday.  A bunch of students have been subpoenaed. [AP]

Taylor Swift?: No, I haven’t suddenly got a thing for teen-age blondes or country music, or whatever Ms. Swift sings about. But please e-mail me if you can find me two tickets to Sunday’s show at the State Fair. For a friend. [e-mail me]