No Stopping the Slowing of Mail

Valley Station may be losing its post office, no matter how many signatures that local residents get on a petition to prevent it.

Brenda Silveria, a resident of Valley Station, has circulated the petition along with Metro Council member Doug Hawkins. She and Hawkins hope to meet with the postmaster this week, and present him with the 1,500 signatures they’ve collected protesting the closure. She says officials she’s talked with continue to deny that the post office is closing, but it was certainly on a list released last week by the federal government.

“It’s a shame. We have such a large area out here and some rural areas, which will make it even harder for those people,” said Silveria.

The petition says that Valley Station residents want the post office to remain open, that it serves about 8,000 delivery addresses, 23,000 voters and that many are retired and military veterans.

Brenda Silveria said she’s contacted John Yarmuth and Mitch McConnell. But she fears there’s no stopping this action, which could occur by Labor Day.

Post offices in Beechmont, Buechel and Plainview PO’s were also on the list to be closed, though no groups have made any noise yet about closing them.

It may be an inconvenience for folks in Valley Station, but there’s no denying that U.S. Mail is on the decline. Recent national stories detailed how the Postal Service has removed thousands of pick-up boxes and is seriously considering cutting back service to five days a week. USPS is on track to lose more than $7 billion this year.