Lost in the Flood

Everybody needs a do-over for yesterday. If you were scheduled in court, a press conference, your U of L class, orientation at a middle school (like me), you were more likely hoping your car was on high ground. Hit hardest were Churchill Downs, U of L and the downtown library.

The Day After: Here comes the bill. Convenient that Steve Beshear was around yesterday (in town for a press conference, later canceled, on the arena) to traipse around to Jerry Abramson’s press conferences. Who’s gonna pay for all those cars, for all those library books, for all those manhole covers? Beshear volnteered some state assistance. Looks like we’ll get to see the Steve and Jerry show in action.

Blown Call: Why did no local forecaster warn us that we were going to get 6.5 inches dumped on us Tuesday morning?  Kevin Harned said yesterday on WHAS Radio it was a unique weather phenomena that no one could have predicted. That’s his excuse. Sounds a lot like the windstorm excuse last year. Even the Mayor chided local weather geeks.

Bias? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bias: If you want to get a C-J reporter all hot and bothered, accuse one of being influenced in news stories by the left-leaning bias of the paper’s editorials. John David Dyche, responding to Arnold Garson’s Sunday essay, states the obvious — that it’s the placement, editing and choice of stories made by news editors that reveals the paper’s liberal bias in news. He suggests more transparency in political reporting, like telling readers of reporters’ party affiliation. [Courier]

Under the Radar, Next to Arena: In the absense of a planned announcement yesterday about the arena, the C-J picked up the story about Galt House’s announced plans to spend up to $16 million on the look of Third Street near the Arena, including building a new facade along the east side of the Waterfront Plaza on Third. The Galt House is also building an 860-space parking garage that will serve the new arena. I’m sure you’ll be able to afford to park in there. [Courier]

Top Guns: Say what you want about radio ratings, but these numbers show that WHAS and WAMZ still dominate local radio listening. There’s just not much competition for local news and talk on WHAS. And really, did anyone know that country music is still the dominant music format? [Ratings]

Review The Poo: And not the kind spewing out of the city’s streets yesterday. Only three days of Golden Poo categories are left. Go back and vote for your not-so-favorites. [Golden Poo]