Let’s Talk About Bad Behavior

Tonight on KET, Bill Goodman’s Kentucky Tonight will include a discussion about a statewide smoking ban. You may remember in January that Senate President David Williams proposed a statewide ban, which never went anywhere.  The Freedom Kentucky website lists 24 communities statewide that have instituted some form of a smoking ban.

Goodman’s guests include Ellen Hahn of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy and Jim Waters of the Bluegrass Institute, taking opposing sides. It airs at 8.

While you and I might be accustomed to smoke-free restaurants, it’s not the case in places like Radcliff, where they’re stillhaving community arguments over the issue.

A statewide ban would render all the community bans irrelevant. Still, there’s enough statewide resistance that you shouldn’t expect anything out of Frankfort anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, a new study from IU says that pregnant Hoosiers are among the nation’s worst when it comes to smoking, drinking and doing drugs while with child. The study, which doesn’t list info about other states, says Indiana is the seventh-worst state when ranked by percentage of women who smoke during pregnancy.  

IU didn’t release much info on its study, but we all know what state occupies the top spot on the list.

While we’re at it, does anyone think “Mad Men” really had to poke fun at Kentucky’s racist past by having a man singing My Old Kentucky Home in blackface? All the smoking in that show is distracting enough, but adding in Kentucky racism was a bit much.