It’s Our Weekly TGIF Edition

Senate Approves Barzun, Northup: We’re happy that Matthew Barzun is going to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Less enthused about Anne Northup getting a new job as a commissioner of the Consumer Product and Safety Commission. Both were approved by the Senate today. [Courier]

At least they’re being nice: The local GOP is publicizing a John Yarmuth protest Monday over the Congressman’s leadership on health care. The release on it asks protesters to be professional, focused and respectful at the event outside Yarmuth’s downtown office.

Chapter 1: U of L Professor John R. Hale gets the first chapter of his new book, Lords of the Sea, in the big paper. It’s about ancient Athens. [NYTimes]

So Maybe This Proves He was Just a Jerk: Ex-PRP Coach Jason Stinson’s trial starts later this month, and today the C-J got hold of  a deposition from a player who said Stinson was really mad during that practice, but that he didn’t deny players water. “Ding, Ding, We’ve Got a Winner” is what the player said Stinson said when he raised his hand to quit. [Courier]

Commenting on . . .: Tonight on Comment, it’s the C-J’s Stephanie Steitzer, along with Owen Covington of Owensboro and Roger Alford of the AP. And the Conway “Son-of-a-bitch” controversy lives on.

No More Poop: This weekend, go back and look at all the great nominations for our Golden Poo Awards. You might have forgotten somebody. [Golden Poo]