In Non-Pitino-Sypher-Sex News. . .

Time To Teach: Billy Reed will be teaching sports journalism at Indiana University this fall.  It’s great to see an area university embracing the importance of keeping up with the changing field. Wonder if he’ll address how to get away with blogging at live games. [IU]

A New Charge for Stinson: Buried in yesterday’s news – Ex-PRP coach Jason Stinson was charged by a grand jury with wanton endangerment, in addition to the reckless homicide charge lodged in January. He’ll be arraigned Friday, and a trial is set for Aug. 31. [Courier]

Niceness as a Tactic: Local GOP chair Brad Cummings apparently doesn’t want any Louisville Town Hall meetings on health care ending up on YouTube with objects flying through the air. He writes that “…we want an honest, uncensored dialogue that Louisvillians on both sides of the aisle will find productive. To whatever extents I can help make this happen, I am eager to work with the Congressman (Yarmuth) and his office. This is too important an issue for us not to come together and hear each other’s concerns.”

Why We Google: Sally Anderson, the new consultant that JCPS has hired to do executive coaching for Sheldon Berman and his staff, was acting exec. director of a non-profit in Idaho that’s dissolving. It provided instruction techniques for charter schools. [Idaho Statesman]

Timing Issue, Probably Not Related: Six months after his encounter with Karen Sypher in Aug. 2003, Rick Pitino checked into the Cleveland Clinic with a urology problem. [Long Time Ago]

Wait, There’s a Quiz on Your Sex Life: Timely? Seriously, 49 questions involving infidelity, sexual frequency, use of porn. Are we really ready to talk publicly about this? No questions, though, on doing it in restaurants. [Survey]