Heiner Says He’s Thinking About It

Will Hal Heiner be the answer for Republicans in the Mayor’s Race?

Quite possibly.

Heiner said this morning that he’s taking a close look at the race, but won’t make a decision until “mid-September.” A few months back, the 19th District Metro Council rep, who’s been in office since 2002, said he would not seek the Mayor’s chair.

But things change. And local Republicans keep passing. And party regulars have continued to urge Heiner to seriously consider jumping in.

“A couple of months ago I said I wasn’t considering it at that time, but the encouragement has been continuous,” he said.

Here’s how we figure it’s going to go down. Steve Pence, who Heiner says he’s talked with several times, will announce very soon that he’s out. And shortly after that, Heiner should enter the race. It’s also likely that he’ll have no primary opposition.

Thus far, three Democrats — David Tandy, Jim King and Greg Fischer — have announced plans to run.