Dept. of No Fooling and Yo We Ain’t Leaving

A Polling We Will Go: The first Survey USA poll of the U.S. Senate race came out yesterday. Mongiardo leads Conway overall 39-31. Grayson leads Paul 37-26. Of course there’s more to the story. [Page One]

Why Our Court System is Messed Up: Because ex-PRP coach Jason Stinson was re-indicted on wanton endangerment after his first indictment was dismissed by a judge. [AP]

A University Buys a Hotel: But it’s Sullivan, and the hotel is a Holiday Inn.  The rapidly growing Sullivan campus will be able to house 400 students in the old Holiday Inn near the KFC HQ. [Fox41]

Fooling Some of the People: A thousand people showed up to listen to Republican pro-life doctors bitch about Obama’s health care plan. They went nuts when one of them brought up not wanting to perform abortions, so we know what it was really about.  Too bad some of those people — who didn’t read our story —  thought they were going to an unbiased town hall. And check out the lady defining socialism for us all.  [WHAS-TV]

Obligatory Pitino Mention: Atlanta columnist Jeff Schultz reported word from the Twitter accounts of two Pitino recruits, adding to the rationale why the Coach is still in charge. Peyton Siva wrote: “Yo I ain’t leaving. Rick(’s) personal life is his life. He’s here to coach me and is the best teach of hoop to me!” [AJC]

Fair Game: I’m with Jake on this one. If you want me to go over and look at all the crap at the State Fair, you’ll have to send me some tickets. Still, the Fair is a big deal. It starts on Thursday. [Page One]

Pass the Smell Test: Of course neighbors are concerned that MSD is allowing a truck wash for pig haulers to open back up and continue putting pig poop in the sewers. [Courier]

Our  View – Don’t Worry About Getting U of L Tickets: U of L says it’s selling a lot of season ticket packages to watch this 2009 football team. Maybe. But we still say you’re going to have to dodge all the tickets flying around on Saturdays this fall. [Courier]

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