Heiner Says He’s Thinking About It

Will Hal Heiner be the answer for Republicans in the Mayor’s Race?

Quite possibly.

Heiner said this morning that he’s taking a close look at the race, but won’t make a decision until “mid-September.” A few months back, the 19th District Metro Council rep, who’s been in office since 2002, said he would not seek the Mayor’s chair.

But things change. And local Republicans keep passing. And party regulars have continued to urge Heiner to seriously consider jumping in.

“A couple of months ago I said I wasn’t considering it at that time, but the encouragement has been continuous,” he said.

Here’s how we figure it’s going to go down. Steve Pence, who Heiner says he’s talked with several times, will announce very soon that he’s out. And shortly after that, Heiner should enter the race. It’s also likely that he’ll have no primary opposition.

Thus far, three Democrats — David Tandy, Jim King and Greg Fischer — have announced plans to run.

17 thoughts on “Heiner Says He’s Thinking About It

  1. What sticks in my mind @ Heiner? He helped defeat the library initiative with promises that he knew a better way and then delivered….nuthin’.

  2. Sorry, meant to post here:
    Word is Hal Heiner =Southeast Christian Church and kids went to Christian Academy?
    Will make for interesting public school discussions!

  3. Jennifer Baileys would be a nice addition to city hall but we already had a big head for most of the last 20 years.
    Replying to Fleur-de-lis
    Someone came up with some big bucks for the Newburg libary.
    If the libary tax passed we still would have nothing new except for a new tax that would NEVER go away.

  4. Heiner was opposed to Fairness, the smoking ban and new funding for our libraries.
    He’ll never get over 40% of the vote in this community.

  5. Fleur, I hate defending a Republican, but in Heiner’s defense, he did have an alternative plan, which was summarily squashed by Mayor Jer. It was a political play by the mayor, pure and simple.

    citizen, the mayor of Louisville does not oversee JCPS.

  6. The next time you wake up in Hal Heiner’s metro district and jump into the shower only to find that you have no water pressure, just remember that it was Hal who opposed the construction of a new water tower a few years ago @ the corner of Johnson and Aiken Roads. Why do you think he did that, given that it was a serious disservice to his constituents? Could it be that he lives just down the block from that site?

    If Hal’s the best the Republican Party can offer for Mayor, the Republican Party is in deep deep trouble.

  7. Mayor does not oversee JCPS, but if you think the superintendent and mayor haven’t been connected at the hip, you’re very nieve. If you think all these suburban parents who go to Southeast and want neigborhood schools won’t have a champion in Heiner, you’re very nieve. In fact Heiner has personally backed several candidates for school board in recent years who think this way.

  8. He’ll never get over 40% of the vote in this community.

    Given how much the library tax failed by county-wide, I don’t see how you can come up with only a 40% maximum number, unless by “community” you only mean the Highlands.

    Whomever the Republicans nominate, in order to win they will have to follow the “Rebecca Jackson strategy”: run against a Democrat who is known to be corrupt (in her case, Jim “POP” Malone) and don’t say anything stupid.

  9. Im not a big Heiner fan, but if he is running against Sleazy Jim King, I will volunteer for his campaign.
    King was responsible for the 750,000 expense on Trevilian Way to make the big turn in the road during this big budget deficit, not to mention he has attended Mitch McConnell fundraisers in the Highlands.

  10. Just say ‘No’ to Heiney! He’s my councilman, and 9/10 useless. Unresponsive, unconnected and uncaring. We’ve had 5 terms of that already. The GOP needs to find a real candidate.

    King & Candy need to get soundly trounced.

  11. Larry West: I agree with your analysis concerning Rebecca Jackson: a Republican woman could win. But no Republican male can win a countywide race here.
    Name the last one who has done so.

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