Finishing Strong for August

Last day of August. Back to work, and there’s plenty of material. Let’s get into some of it…

“This is better than a hole in the head.”: Excellent quote from attorney Jon Fleischaker, in a C-J story about the Kelly Downard-Jim King ordinance designed to prevent another one of those Cordish loans.  [Courier]

The Movie Endorsement: 500 Days of Summer. Because every guy has a Summer in his past. And Zooey Deschanel.

Damn New York Media: Check out Mike Lupica’s view of the Rick Pitino mess in the New York Daily News. Rick won’t want you reading this either. [NY Daily News]

Swedish Testing: Looks like our pal Matthew Barzun is a hit with bloggers in Sweden, or at least one that’s actually from here.  The new U.S. ambassador passes the Sweden test. Try the video. It’s about goat cheese. [Sweden]

Speculating: More on this later, but Joe Gerth writes that Hal Heiner may be the Republican choice for Mayor. He confirms out thoughts that Steve Pence is out. [Gerth]

John just finished: The post at 7:59 p.m. on John Boel’s blog about the Ironman yesterday. 12 hours, 16 minutes. Congrats! [Boel Blog]

Oh, Yes, The Coach Thing: The trial of ex-PRP coach Jason Stinson finally starts today. Conventional wisdom is that the prosecution won’t be able to get a conviction. The ultimate story is that the trial will forever change conditions at football practices. [Sports Illustrated]

A Butchertown Decision: Eventually, the slaughterhouse in Butchertown will be moved. Today could be an important first step, if the zoning board stops its expansion. [Courier]

10 thoughts on “Finishing Strong for August

  1. Heiner really is the GOP’s only hope in this mayoral election. He’s the only one that independents and open-minded Democrats would consider voting for. Jefferson County is still overwhelmingly registered Democratic, and they must realize they can’t throw out a movement conservative, but one who is seen as occasionally moderate, as Heiner can be.

  2. The only legitimate issue/problem facing the district Hal Heiner represents is a dangerous lack of water pressure, yet over the years, he’s done more to hinder a fix than to foster one. As a resident of his district and a Republican, I can’t think of anyone who’d be a worse candidate.

  3. “Control and Trust at Belknap”

    Lupica perceptively paints Pitino as a control freak. Rick thinks he can control his entire environment as if all atoms revolve around his body. (Ramsey, Jurich, and the UofL Board certainly fed that solipsistic fantasy.) Ironically, the whole mess started because Rick couldn’t control his bodily passions. He is now having trouble controlling himself. It is hard to trust such a person.

  4. You move into a neighborhood called butchertown, the bank is called Stock Yards, you should expect to smell farm animals. These people need to get over it. It’s not like they had stopped slaughter there for 10, 20, 30 years, it’s been a continuing operation of animal slaughter for over 100 years, puhleease, leave this tax producing company alone.

  5. I agree with MetroHack on Swift. These Butchertown Neighborhood people want to idiotically ‘come to the nuisance’ and THEN get the government to use it’s power to bail them out of their stupidity AND make these self-same fools $1,000s in profit from increased property values.

    Let’s not bail out these idiot speculators/developers who made a bad decision to try to gentrify beside a meat packing plant while punishing the hundreds of hard-working folks employed at the plant.

    I want to know how many properties Jon Salomon owns over there in Butchertown and how much he stands to make in increased property values if Swift is shut-down? Not to mention the other Butchertown Neighborhood Association folks. Then he, and the other whiners, can put that excess into a fund for re-training the Swift folks who lose jobs. If and when they do that, MAYBE I’ll take these stupid crybabies seriously.

    And, BTW, Leprechaun Lupica is completely on point in that Pitino article.

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