Thank God We’re All a Little Safer Now

Let’s hear it for Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate’s decision to strike down a state law that said “dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the Commonwealth,” was required language in homeland security documents.

The language came from Kentucky’s Homeland Security office, which required crediting Almighty God in official reports. The department was required to post a plaque with the same language at its Emergency Operations Center in Frankfort.

Attorney general Jack Conway, who was asked by the Governor to defend the law in court, is thinking about whether or not to appeal the ruling. He shouldn’t.

It was a disappointment to our own state Rep. Tom Riner, a Louisville Baptist preacher who tried to sneak the language into a homeland security bill.

Last fall, when this issue was in the news, it put Kentucky jokes on the late-night talk show circuit. It also prompted a lawsuit from an atheist group.

One of that group’s reps get the best quote on the issue: “I think we can all feel a little safer now. The real threats to our society come from within, not without, and that includes building a theocracy here in Kentucky.”


4 thoughts on “Thank God We’re All a Little Safer Now

  1. Yep, good thing we got that required language in homeland security documents removed. Can’t have any references to God since we all know how dangerous those Christians are by beheading people and flying planes into buildings and…no wait. That’s not the Christians.

  2. Ha ha. Yeah, Christians never fly planes into buildings, killing innocent people. They just drop bombs from planes, killing innocent people. Oh, sometimes they use missiles from unmanned drones to kill people, too.

  3. Snarky misses the point, as usual. That evil old First Amendment, which forbids the government from promoting any religion, is still the law of the land. It also establishes freedom of the press, right to assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. Which ones are you in favor of eliminating?

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