Pitino Fans, Go Ahead and Change the Station

No one in the local TV market led a newscast with Ted Kennedy or Jim King or the nutjob who shot somebody down at Waterfront Park. Sorry, Coach, you can’t tell people what to watch, and they wouldn’t change the station from this soap opera if you begged them to. Which, I guess, you did.

Wish This Guy Was Still Coach: Billy Gillispie finally got caught driving drunk and spent a night/early morning in the Franklin County Jail. If he were still the coach at UK, it might’ve come close to eclipsing the Pitino story in the national press. [Herald-Leader]

Yes, We Were Weanies: Every TV station and newspaper at the Pitino press conference yesterday sent reporters from both the sports and news departments to the Yum Center, and no one in the room (including U of L’s Kenny Klein, we think), knew what he was going to say. Most were shocked at what the Coach said. But why in the hell did not a single reporter in the room shout out a question as Rick walked away? Does anybody miss Hebert? Would the assemblage have been as quiet if it were Jerry Abramson?

How are We Ever Going to Focus On the Actual Games Again? Late yesterday, the Southeastern Conference relaxed its new social media policy, saying that it’s OK for fans to text scores and photos to friends. But they still would prohibit blogging about the action on the field. This, from MediaPost:

“As for fans or other ticket holders, the SEC now says that ‘personal messages and updates of scores or other brief descriptions’ of games are okay, but that ‘real-time descriptions’ aren’t. That line appears impossibly blurry to draw, much less enforce. But fans who cross it, even if inadvertently, appear to risk landing in court.” 

Somebody please buy me a ticket to the UK-U of L game so I can challenge this one.

The Big U of L Story You Missed: The University of Louisville appealed a court decision that it was wrong to suspend a student for posting information on her MySpace page. This is one U of L needs to give up on. Jake’s on it. [Page One]

And Here’s Billy’s Take: Which is what most people think — The Rick should listen to advice and keep his mouth shut.  [BillyReedSays]

12 thoughts on “Pitino Fans, Go Ahead and Change the Station

  1. Point taken about how stupid Pitino’s press conference was, but I was watching the news at 11 on WHAS 11 last night and they led with the Waterfront Park shooting. I even turned to my wife and made a sick joke about how Coach P maybe recognized his stupidity and had the mob hit that woman to get off the news (yeah, I know, “shooting victim” does not = comedy, but I’m a dark guy).

    Anyway, we then checked the timing and the first Pitino story began at 11:04 after the story of the shooting and the capture of the one guy. Just thought I’d write that in case you might want to modify. Pitino was still a huge story on WHAS 11, but they didn’t lead with it.

  2. The point is, keats, is that the Pitino story might not have even made the newscast last night if Rick had of just kept his trap shut.

  3. What type of person invokes the memory of 9/11, the economic crisis and the death of Ted Kennedy in an attempt to distract people from his shacking up with a one-night stand?

    For me, that’s all you need to know about Rick Pitino.

  4. “Freedom=Responsibility”

    David, those who invoke such important events are those who tend to shirk responsbility and accountability, hoping to avert our eyes from their grievous behavior. Unfortunately for them, they cannot avoid the dire consequences. People like Pitino, Felner, Ramsey, Shirl, etc., have loved the freedom to do practically anything they wanted. Responsibility and accountability are matters seemingly foreign to their consciousness. Thus, they distract and distract, hoping we will forget. But they are wrong, really wrong.

  5. poor ole ricky p can’t handle not being in total control.U gotta watch where U put your weiner it might get bit

  6. keatssycamore: Hey, you got it ALL wrong! Murder’s too messy, and there’s that mafia connecton thing Pitino’s already sore about.

    Quick Rick had Tim Sypher run down to that country club to spot Billy G. and his pal at the 19th hole after their game, then phone in an anonymous 911 call.

    Now, THAT’S a slam drunk…er, dunk.

  7. What I want to know is why doesn’t the Board of Trustees work to clean up the mess at the University of Louisville. Or are they more interested in hobnobbing with each other and being buddies. Its more of the good old boy system that has held this state back for generations. Sad but true.

    I guess Pitino can’t handle taking personal responsibility for his own peccadilloes so he has to blame the media for the incident at Porkini’s. Its more convenient for him just like how Jerry Abramson has spent a generation lying to the people of Louisville.

    Talk about 9/11, Teddy Kennedy, and all the time divert attention from your own personal issues such as the Media making life hell for me and my family. Well boo hoo hoo, who made the mess and left the entire situation out there. Who was it that first reported the extortion attempt? It wasn’t Sypher. It was Rick Pitino himself. So who bears responsibility for not keeping his willy in? Yep, Slick Rick does.

  8. Good point Novena and we all should see that Jerry Abramson, David Tandy, Jim King and the rest understand the points you made about us not forgetting. We should never forget and let these people continue to run our city. They all need to go and there needs to be a major housecleaning.

  9. I was there and, frankly, can’t think of anything I might have asked. My legal experience tells me that there are times when no questions is the proper reaction to certain testimony. What Pitino said stood on its own. Besides it was obvious he wasn’t going to respond, so why make a fool of oneself by shouting a question?

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