And They May Even Talk About Sports

Hmmm. A new sports radio talk show focused on UK and U of L. Whatever will they come up to talk about?

It will be interesting to see if callers to these new shows actually want to talk about athletes and games, or the indiscretions of certain coaches.

This weekend, WGTK-970 AM will begin airing the latest attempt at attracting a significant radio audience aimed at a sports audience. It marks the debut of the “Sam Swope Weekend Sports Buzz,” according to producer Dugan Ryan.

Former U of L quarterback Dave Ragone and UK blogger Matt Jones will host the shows on the radio from 11 to Noon Saturday and 11-1 Sunday.  Ryan previously produced similar shows that aired on a now-defunct all sports talk radio show that aired weekdays, and TV programs that aired on the CW. Both programs were canceled after new ownership took over those media properties.

Ryan said the show will be “unfiltered,” i.e. it won’t be influenced by pressure from the athletic department officials at U of L or UK. He said they’ll focus on previews of upcoming games in college and pro football.

He said he wasn’t able to structure a deal to get the programming on during the week. You can stream the show from this link.

The show will originate from Furlongs restaurant at Hurstbourne and Shelbyville Roads.

WGTK-AM airs conservative talk during the week, featuring Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Miller.

7 thoughts on “And They May Even Talk About Sports

  1. “Sam Swope Weekend Sports Buzz”?? Change it to the “PATTI Swope Weekend Sports Buzz” and I bet it would garner a larger audience…(wink, wink).

  2. Seems like everything Dugan Ryan has touched lately has turned to crap. He’s the Ted McGinley of Louisville radio.

  3. I hope this turns into something good. 93.9 The Ticket was the best sports radio station until before it got shut down.

  4. They could call it the Patti Swope Nobody Walks Away Sports Celebrity show. After all, Slick didn’t walk away from Louisville or Porcini’s or anything else for that matter

  5. Hey, hey whats all this chatter about slick Rick and Patti Swope dating? They are both married to somone else. Wink, wink.

  6. Carter, I don’t know if you were kidding about Dugan Ryan, but he is the one person who is trying to get local, independent sports media to the market. When you look at all of the syndicated garbage that populates the airwaves I think he should be praised and supported for his continued efforts. In this instance I suspect he is buying the airtime and he has a sponsor, so lets wish him well.

  7. No, I was not kidding about Dugan. He had 1570 going and making a little money until one day, him and his crew just didn’t show up for work. They had been lured away by the bright lights of Cumulus. However, advertisers’ checks kept showing up at 1570, but instead of being made out to New Albany Broadcasting, they were made out to Mr Dugan himself. After the advertisers found out what he did at 1570, revenue dried up since most of them refused to do business with him anymore. Cumulus, being a bottom line focused company, then fired him and thinking the sports radio format was dead, flipped the FM, but left the AM on ESPN radio.

    Yes, let’s hope this works for him, ’cause this may very well be his last shot in this market.

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