Pitino Blasts Media

Rick Pitino blasted the media for reporting on the Karen Sypher mess today. Apparently, he was really upset that local TV stations broke into programming today, on the day of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, to report Sypher’s allegations as they were released to media.

Here are some quotes from the just-completed news conference, which lasted about 10 minutes. Pitino did not take questions.  He opened with a brief joke for reporters:

“If you think I’m resigning you’re going to be disappointed.”

The rest was a scolding of media for reporting the Sypher story.

“I’m a little upset. I went home to comfort my wife, because she was having a difficult time, and she shouldn’t have to deal with this.

“It’s a pretty sad day. I understand your business very well. I understand the competitiveness of it. What I don’t understand why you keep fostering this behavior.

“On a day when Sen. Kennedy died, we broke into the news with Karen Sypher. It’s a sad commentary.

“Just yesterday, I was not pleased, when the U.S. attorney asked for a competency hearing on this individual.

“I need this thing to go to trial.

“The FBI doesn’t care about basketball. We’re missing the whole point. I was blackmailed seven months ago. These allegations were declared void.

“We need to get on with the important things in life, like the economy.

“Wait for the trial and the truth will come out.

“If you’re watching the news and this comes on, turn the channel.

“This is someone who lies inconsistently to get their way.

“Everything that’s been reported is 100 percent a lie. All of this has been a lie, a total fabrication of the truth, except what I’ve told you. Tim Sypher has not come forward to tell the truth, because he’s in a custody battle for his child. The university and the authorities said, don’t say anything.

“It hasn’t hurt recruiting one bit. We will still bring in Top Ten players. Our fans are the greatest in college basketball. We will run the program with great integrity.

“You shouldn’t be reporting the lies.”

Pitino finished, and walked out of the room.

So, anyone think Pitino’s media scolding will keep him out of the top spot on anyone’s newscast tonight?

25 thoughts on “Pitino Blasts Media

  1. At my age, I tend NOT to believe those who say “All of this has been a lie, a total fabrication of the truth, except what I’ve told you.” Seems a bit God-like, and if he was God, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Keeping your mouth shut, and letting the crazy blond do her own thing would have spoken volumes. The more you talk about his, the more it raises doubt in my mind. The media not reporting the story will not make it go away. This is not Oz and we do see the man behind the curtain.

  2. I hate to be so media-cynical, but this is an old trick that is right on page one in most high-level coaches’ playbook. It’s right up there with “folks, Kevin McHale is not going to walk through that door. Larry Bird is not coming through that door” criticism of the Boston media Pitino used to deflect critics of his performance with the Celtics. Blame the blamers, etc.

    Not saying he should or shouldn’t go there, just saying one ought not be surprised that he did.


    I mean, can anyone name another scandal in which the media laid as low as they did for as long as they did as this ‘indiscretion’?

    Brilliant. Now go insult them.

    And you’re right..when someone says it’s all lies except what I’ve told you, just wait….


  4. Rick, the bottom line IS THIS, if you had not put little Rick somewhere he didnt belong, NONE OF THIS would be going on at all!

  5. I think this was a bad strategic mistake by Pitino, because the media always circles the wagons when attacked and you don’t pick a fight with someone who buys gross air time and ink.

    That said, I think breaking into live TV coverage to run the audio was a gratuitous ratings ploy at this point in the story. It ranks up there with cable news channels using the breaking news graphic every five minutes for 2-day old stories.

    While I agree with the media that he is only to blame for the situation he finds himself, the bar seems to have changed with the ratings hit from the police report coverage.

    Before the report was obtained, the media deflected criticism by stating that the rumors were very defamatory that they had no credibility. As such, they were not reporting on them. The media stated that it had nothing to do with their fear of legal action from Pitino’s legal team.

    Now that her allegations have been made public, are they allegations any more credible than when they were rumors?

    The media certainly has the right to report and break into into programming and this is still Pitino’s fault for not keeping his pants on, but I wish the media would step down from their high horse and admit that at this point that the reporting is being done for ratings and financial reasons.

  6. Breaking in for the audio was simply sensationalism. Period. There was nothing there that couldn’t have waited until a regular newscast and even there it’s still nothing new, just the woman rambling on tape as opposed to on paper.

  7. “…a woman who is, for all intents and purposes, quite possibly insane.” Well, at least now we know what the initial attraction was.

  8. While I was watching the Pitino Pity Party, I felt like something was missing, but couldn’t put my finger on what. It just hit me: the “This Little Light of Mine” sound track from those Ernie Fletcher commercials!

    Now that horseracing is in the tank and tobacco is no longer king, perhaps Kentucky will become known for our next big agricultural export: Whine.

    Unbridled Sperm anyone?

  9. “He went home to comfort his wife, she was having a hard time with this, she shouldn’t have to go through this.” EXCUUUUUSE ME. He should have thought about that BEFORE he had his romp at Porchini’s. What a pompous ass he is. At this point, I think she has more sense then he does. Maybe she’s not so off base about him. I didn’t hear her tapes but hope to tonight. I hope the news and you guys rip him a new one every chance you can.

  10. Good job, Rick. You just guaranteed that it will be a part of the daily news cycle for AT LEAST another week.

    Can’t wait for your first recruiting press conference.

  11. “A Question of Need and Pity”

    Pity is not spent on the powerful, Rick. You’ve had all the opportunities in the world, and were sitting so pretty, you thought you were invincible. We should have sympathy for the meek and hungry, not a 2.5 million loser who yells at tall men and throws them balls.
    P.S. The starving would love to go to Porcini’s so regularly–for the sustenance it offers, not the fluff of philandering.

  12. Pitino is angry at the wrong people. If he had of kept his cock in his pants instead of bagging the crazy witch, nobody would be talking about this. For him to get up in front of everyone and act like he has no culpability in this is crazy. Sypher isn’t the only one that needs to keep her pie hole shut. I would advise Rick of that, also.

  13. What a Laugh!…..I think they sould be both booked on the Jerry Springer Show!…….Then the REAL TRUTH would obviously come out!…..Tim Coury could have it filmed right there in the bar, the table could be identified and maybe even donated to the Derby Museam, Both Ricks and Karen’s handprints could be put in the pavement in front of the restaurant…..this is national interest stuff!…..Tim Coury needs to apply for historicak ststus on the property ASAP!……Then sell his memriors of all the years and the number of times he gave Rick the Keys,again & again & again & again!

  14. Pitino needs to do this city and the university a favor and resign. Seriously, but he doesn’t have the honesty and steadfastness to do that. So much for that.

    We know that Ramsey and Jurich isn’t going to fire him. They have a 22,000 seat arena to fill. Unless he keeps opening his mouth and lets hope that is what happens. He is an embarrassment to this city.

  15. Ninety-five percent of the foregoing comments are right on target.

    Rick seems to be suffering from “Sypher Syndrome,” a compulsion to run one’s mouth to one’s own detriment.

    The more he protests, the more suspicious he looks.

    Anger tends to destabilize, disable and disfigure more often than it motivates. It’s a combatant’s worst enemy.

    So neutralize your ire, Grasshopper.

    Or keep it where it belongs.

    For an advertised authority on “how to turn setbacks into comebacks,” yesterday’s self-indulgence (the second of two) was a case study on “how to make a bad situation worse.”

    His foremost challenge will be to regain his composure and refuse to be knocked askew anew.

  16. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Hell, I’m a working guy who hasn’t been to Porcini’s cause I can’t afford it. I budget my money so I can eat well 7 days a week. I’m so glad God Pitino is paid millions a year so he can afford such high priced eats. I’m not hungry now cause I have my tongue in my cheek. You are an overpriced pompous rear end playing a kid’s game, Ricky if you think its rough now, how are you gonna deflect the barbs when you’re coaching U of L this fall? Life is not going to stop cause you say for it to do so.

  17. Ramsey and Jurich need to end this train wreck once and for all. He needs to either be fired or let the boosters buy his contract out. If they want to use their money, let them. But not our taxpayer dollars helping out a liar.

    He’s a train wreck and that comes from a former fan. He’s went above pride and into pompousness and arrogance. Its time for him to do a Woody Hayes and exit stage right with a cane to pull him off the stage.

    He was the one who created the mess with the other crazy one. Each of them were meant for the other. Really if he had any respect for his family he wouldn’t have been caught with his wanker out.

    Now he is leaving the community and the program high and dry. I guess we can call it Thug U now?

    Now the real reason why Ramsey and Jurich haven’t fired him is because they have a 22,000 seat brand new arena to fill in 2010-2011. If they fire him now, we will have a new coach with limited results. If they don’t, they have the public ire and obviously the fans elsewhere will rip him to shreds. He thinks that he has adversity now. Just wait until the protests start and there have been rumblings about it already. Whether those are true, or are pure BS is hard to tell.

    If he had any remaining honor, he would take another job or go back to the NBA. At least there, he would fit in with all the scandals. Frankly he wouldn’t do well because he never did well in the pros but its an option

  18. Porcini’s menu is on the web and its not real bad for being an expensive dinner. Were looking at maybe 60 bucks for two but hey if you make any sort of good salary or are rich, it sounds like it would be a good place to eat if you can just forget the sordid history of what went on there.


    Motivational Speaking Engagements:

    “I will show you how communication and role models can help. I will explain and give you examples of how stress and adversity can be turned to your advantage.” (I think he needs to work on that communication thingy just a bit…)

    Restaurant Reviews:

    Sadly, this entire page is missing from Quick Rick’s website. Too bad. I was SO looking forward to reading about his dessert recommendations at Porcini’s. Maybe he’s safer sticking to the Rally’s drive-thru until this blows over.

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