Important, Life-Saving Advancements in News

But Does It Forecast Floods?: In Lexington, CBS affiliate WKYT is spending $1 million on a fancy new weather radar thingie that it not-so-sheepishly proclaims is “the most important, life-saving advancement in weather technology and forecasting ever in Kentucky.” Of course, the folks at WLEX across town says it’s no big whoop. [LexGo]

Nutty Flavor of the Day: Abortion activist Randall Terry chose us, Louisville, as one of 10 cities in his wacky tour to fight the proposed national health care program because he thinks it might fund abortions. So he campaigned outside Mitch McConnell’s office. Is that supposed to be an Obama actor in those pics? Meanwhile, John Yarmuth will talk health care on State of Affairs tomorrow. [WFPL]

Oh, Yeah, We Ought to Change the Sign: The Louisville Times stopped publishing 20 years ago, yet no one on the C-J management team in all these years got the bright idea of taking down the sign on the building at Sixth and Broadway. Arnold’s on it. [Courier]

Parents Still in Dark as Oldham Swine Flu Spreads: Two more swine flu cases in Oldham County’s school system, and the school board is sending notes home again to parents explaining that they’re not entitled to know which schools have reported cases. [Fox41]

Caution, Those IMs Could Come Back to Haunt You if you Run for Office: Even more reason to be cautious about those late-night chat sessions with that co-worker in accounting.  Check out some un-guarded opinions from Kimberly Greenwell, candidate for the state House. [Page One]

In Jack’s Corner: The Champ is supporting Jack Conway in the U.S. Senate race. Muhammad Ali will attend a Conway fundraiser next month at Jonathan Blum’s (Yum!) house in Anchorage. [Joe Arnold]

6 thoughts on “Important, Life-Saving Advancements in News

  1. “Terry Dog Barks Up a Weird Alley”

    Randall Terry is an obtuse crazy. Why in hell would he campaign outside McConnell’s office? Mitch wants to keep the pro-life stance going into eternity. Maybe he could use that supreme wedge issue for getting out of purgatory. He will never give up that wedge (where would the GOP go without it?) here on earth.

  2. Oldham county schools are run by complete idiots! If I had a kid there, they would not go to school until the board told us WHAT SCHOOL THE INFECTED KIDS WERE AT!!!

    Jefferson County is no better.

  3. According to Terry (at least as it was on WFPL’s coverage), McConnell isn’t doing enough to “kill” the bill. He’s not showing the leadership he should be showing. Evidently, McConnell is too busy playing with young Tawainese boys and not enough time doing his usual obstructionist wanking.

  4. Why isn’t JasonL’s comment not moderated out? Regaurdless what you think of McConnell, that is wrong.

    Say what you will about me, but fair is fair.

    Or is it that you guys are just big liberals?

  5. “fancy new weather radar thingie”

    Just one more thing to get in the way of telling us the weather.

  6. I don’t think that Randall Terry is really an anti-abortion activist. No, I think he is actually a far-left supporter of a fully socialized medical system. He is trying to portray those people who oppose healthcare/insurance/whatever reform as crazy wackjobs.

    Either that or he goes to Evangel.

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