Allen Leaning To Yes in Mayor’s Race

Tyler Allen, the organizer and a constant thorn in Mayor Jerry Abramson’s side, said today that he’s “leaning very strongly” toward filing to run for the Mayor’s job in 2010.

Thus far, businessman Greg Fischer and Metro Council president David Tandy have announced their candidacies, and we hear that Jim King, the former Metro Council president, could file as early as next week.

Allen says he’s not ready to make an official announcement, and probably won’t for a few weeks.

But he does bring an interesting aspect to the race. He’s smart, speaks his mind, takes strong positions and seems to be more concerned with doing the right thing than how his words and actions will be perceived politically.

Yea, you’re right. Can’t ever win with that attitude.

4 thoughts on “Allen Leaning To Yes in Mayor’s Race

  1. Tyler has lots of energy, he really does love Louisville, and has some fresh ideas.

    It would be nice to think It’s Possible for someone like that to be elected here in Louisville. But nope, probably not.

    I hope he does run. Even if he doesn’t win he will bring some really important issues to the race.

  2. so when did Jerry abrahamson become jesus? last I heard he was jewish. that’s worse than saying the president is a leftist because he plays golf left handed. or something ike that.

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