Going to College Edition

Wondering if I can figure out a way to sneak into a keg party after moving Josh into the dorm at U of L this afternoon . . .

Laughing Matter: Get in on the funny. Sunday at the Comedy Caravan. Free Tickets from us. Marty Pollio, who’s really funny, is the headliner. Did we mention it’s going to be funny? [Comedy]

Doesn’t Smell Like Pepper: When the Eye Care Institute’s Mark Prussian called 311 today, he got the Air Pollution Control Board’s Tim Pretty on the phone. When he complained about the stronger-than-usual smell permeating Butchertown, Pretty told him there had been a violation there today.  Then said it had a lot to do with a catering company (which he couldn’t I.D.) cooking up a batch of pepper. “It’s absolutely infuriating,” Prussian said.

No, It Doesn’t Matter: So John Calipari’s 2008 Final Four team at Memphis will have to forfeit those 38 wins. No biggie. The UK coach, who hasn’t lost a game yet, will have to do much worse than that to eclipse the Pitino/Sypher scandal in the media. [Balls]

Whitey Gets His Due: Southern High’s most famous graduate, Phil Simms, is getting one of those Hometown Hero Banners out at the Preston Highway school tomorrow.  In the picture, he’s wearing his Giants #11. Whitey won’t be there, but hopes to come to town after the NFL season. Since you’re wondering, Matt Simms is playing this year at El Camino Community College.

Whoops. Bad Job News: Kentucky’s unemployment rate is up to 11 percent, the highest it’s been since 1983.  An optimistic analyst says the pace of layoffs is moderating. [News Release]

Phanton Numbers: How else to explain Rand Paul’s unexpected showing against Trey Grayson in WHAS-TV’s first poll on the Senate race. That’s how Republican strategist Ted Jackson explained the Paul numbers, which showed the son of the ex-Pres. candidate down just 37-26. [Arnold]

Why the Creation Museum people scare me: [Must-See]

Rachel Kissed the Pig: File that under “things we never thought we’d write.” [WHAS-TV]

3 thoughts on “Going to College Edition

  1. I was just sitting outside at lunch, enjoying the absolutely beautiful day… blue sky, big white fluffy clouds, the scent of… nothing… in the air. Oh, did I mention I was sitting outside less than 200 feet from Swift??

    Seriously, people, Swift was here first. It’s freaking BUTCHERTOWN. If you don’t like it, leave. Go. Shoo. No one forced you to move here or open your business here. Why the hell should Swift be the ones to leave??

    To all the asinine complainers, take your gentrification and go. The rest of us will be just fine without you.

  2. Actually the stakeholders in any community have a right to complain about any situation that affects them. As far as Swift goes, it has been there eons however, their pushing out the waste and smell is a community issue especially when it makes the whole area of the city smell bad.

    That is purely nonsense because I have driven through that area many times this year and its the same smell it always was.

  3. I am a Butchertown native, and you do NOT smell SWIFT everyday. There are times when the aroma is almost too much to handle, but I moved here knowing it was this way and I love Butchertown anyway. I AM a Butchertown resident, and MONEYPENNY took the words right out of my fingers. Build your goddamn condos here or don’t, I really couldn’t care less, but do not take jobs away from the faces I see regularly going to and from work at SWIFT. Shame on you!

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