LPM Boasts About Numbers

Louisville Public Media says it’s continuing to set records for attracting audience on its three public radio stations. A news release sent today claims the stations (WFPL, WFPK, and WUOL) increased their audience 38 percent from Spring 2008 to 2009, accumulating its largest audience ever.

“Now, more than ever, people are looking for quality, independent journalism, and we’re working harder than ever to fulfill that need.  We’re also excited to see continued growth for our music stations, which are committed to supporting the local cultural scene,” said Todd Mundt, LPM’s VP.

The release added that its last five membership campaigns have set records, saying it is bucking the national trend of declining audience and revenue.

15 thoughts on “LPM Boasts About Numbers

  1. This is some fantastic news, in a time when any thing positive to report is increasingly hard to come by.
    More importantly, it says so many positive things about the entire Louisville community.
    As a former resident, I hope everyone realizes how fortunate they are to have so many great public radio options in a city the size of Louisville.

  2. A obvious revolt against Clear Channel, their poor music programing and biased talk radio. It goes without saying Rush is impossible, Francene is a wanna be, then the drive time people, Terry has become a snob the last 10 years and Tony Cruise now gives us his political views like we’re all suppose to agree. I’ve given up and listen to WFPK now. great music.

  3. I love having access to our public radio stations.
    It helps to have three in this community, because when they have “The Splendid Table” which curls my toes (I hate that show) I can switch to WFPK for a while.
    When you go to another area, it really shows how good we have it here.

  4. It’s a good job by LPM and a horrible job by commercial radio. When one company can own such a high percentage of stations in one city listeners suffer. Thanks a bunch FCC.

  5. Not that their programing isn’t good, I agree with Steve, what other options do progressive, independent people in this radio market have?
    You can pay to hear different points of view or you can play your own while you drive.
    Don’t advertisers realize they’re missing a large segment of listeners because all the stations are scheduling conservative talk all day and evening? Hate to tell them, but their message isn’t reaching my ears or persuading me to spend some of my still disposable cash.
    Is somebody trying to brainwash the folks in the Ville? Day in, day out, blah, blah, blah. Give it a break already Clear Channel monoploy. You’re blowing your cover.

  6. Aahh. As much as I like the public stations, on what do they base these increased numbers on since they do not subscribe to Arbitron’s ratings service? And Arbitron does not track public radio stations?

    I get a little suspicious when someone throws out numbers with nothing to back them up.

  7. Congrats to Todd, Donovan and rest of fine folks at Louisville Public Media.

    It’s a class act amid countless crass acts and asshats.

    I grew weary of listening to the endless stream of hostility and misinformation courtesy of that Savage guy (now gone) and that big fat idiot Rush Slimebaugh (still there).

    I miss Francene, but on balance I’m happy to listen to talk that feeds my mind instead of hate that fuels my road rage.

    Clear Channel’s loss is LPM’s gain. Thanks for appealing to the better angels of our nature.

  8. I like “The Splendid Table”. To each his own, that’s what’s great about LPM.

    Good point Carter Burger. Maybe one of their folk will fill us in on what they base the numbers on.

  9. Carter – Arbitron actually DOES keep track of public radio numbers, but because non-commercial stations can’t usually afford to pay the Arbitron monitoring fees, there’s an agreement through a third party organization by which pub radio stations can get their numbers, but by contractual agreement, aren’t allowed to release them – for media purposes, advertising, marketing, sales, etc.

  10. So Leslie, in other words, they really can’t back up the claim since we have to rely on a third party source that won’t let you release the numbers. Correct? And I have been in the LPM studios on Forth Street, I also don’t believe that LPM can’t afford to subscribe to Arbitron. They were able to afford studios nicer than most commercial stations I have been in.

  11. WFPK’s music is okay – not as good as it was under a different PD a few years ago. Stacey O’s PD skills are atrocious. Songs repeat as much as they do on a top-40 station, among other problems.
    The jocks are fine except way too repetitive. (Duke’s “Do something YOU wanna do today” is rather meaningless after the 50 millionth time) and the late-night jock is jaw-droppingly terrible.
    Just sayin’. . .

  12. I used to love WHAS radio until the great right wing shift. Now, I only listen in the morning for traffic info as I drive to work. Is it just me, or is Tony Cruise the least articulate person on the radio? He can’t string a simple, understandable sentence together. Pathetic.

  13. Don’t depend to heavily on WHAS’ traffic reports, Marty. I have passed (very slowly) wrecks that go unreported, and tie ups that are non existent. When they dropped the chopper and depended on someone watching the Trimarc cameras, the quality went to crap, quick.

  14. Clear Channel is the most sorry outfit on the radio in this area. What do you expect when Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital which was the former company founded by Mitchell Romney or Mitt as well call him. They pretty much have all Republicans on their broadcasts which tints their view to Republican issues. There is very little true debate or commentary from the progressive or democratic side of the aisle or even a libertarian perspective.

    As far as the local talent goes, they don’t really have any real talent. I suspect that some of the posters on this board despite our differing political views on issues could put together a better outfit than this canned programming and brain dead DJ stuff.

    When I listen to WHAS in the morning, all we ever hear politically is something from Tony Cruise, I remember the first few days after the inauguration and all we heard was some sort of whining about the new administration and policies. I guess they didn’t like it because of the fact that their last 8 years was a total disaster for the people of the USA. A housing mess, a credit mess, massive job losses last year and this year that was created by the Federal Reserve and the Bush Administration. As far as the rest of them, they act like some of the Northeastern Elites that despise working and middle class values such as hard work, discipline, and family and friends. Their side is more reactionary and often think they we would all be better off being under their yoke. When we have enough independent minds and voices.

    The only issue we have is a lack of money and funding to have our own FM station locally. WFPL is a great thing though. It just needs to be broader and have more perspectives. It would be great to have an independent voice to counter the new 105.1 talk radio.

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