Pitino Bombshell Confirms What Everybody Knew

There is no bigger story. Ever.

If you just woke up, last night the Courier-Journal broke the big story — Rick Pitino admitted to police that he had consensual sex once (ONCE) in August 2003 in a bathroom at Porcini’s, then paid her three grand to get an abortion.

This is the news Sypher was using in her extortion attempt against Pitino — it’s the accusation local media’s been keeping secret even though Sypher was willing to talk about it to anyone who would listen. The most credible rumor — about Pitino paying for Sypher to get the abortion in Cincinnati — is true.

The story immediately vaulted to the top of local newscasts and went national within minutes. It’s a big deal on SportsCenter, and there’s a detailed piece at SI.com.

And it breaks only after Pitino’s interview with police is made public. No media outlet was willing to air Sypher’s story on its own, based on her words. The story is that one witness, Pitino’s assistant Vinny Tatum, was at the restaurant when the sexual act occurred, and he gave a priceless quote to the FBI about what he heard: “…only the sounds of two people that seemed to be enjoying themselves during a sexual encounter.”

When you’re Rick Pitino, it must be expected that the owner of the restaurant gives you the keys and says to close up when you’re done. Expect the Frankfort Ave. eatery to become a tourist attraction.

So here comes the reaction, headed by the questionable one from Pitino’s boss, Dr. James Ramsey, who said his thoughts were with the Pitino family.  As if some tragic event had occurred, a quote more appropriate for the death of a loved one.

Then there’s Steve Pence, Pitino’s lawyer, who tried to deflect attention by saying it’s not about Pitino, but about Sypher. He pointed to other facts — mainly that Sypher’s rape allegations weren’t taken seriously by police. Tom Jurich called in a quote of support.

Pitino has a morals clause in his contract. It addresses this sort of thing. U of L has cause to fire him. But the question comes down to how public opinion will come down on Pitino and whether he’ll be able to continue in his job as the Louisville basketball coach.

Interestingly, the C-J isn’t allowing public comments on its story. We are.

67 thoughts on “Pitino Bombshell Confirms What Everybody Knew

  1. Knowing the animosity Frankfort bears for Pitino, I wonder if Tim has perhaps put his liquor license in jeopardy? They have been pulled for much less from people whom they haven’t nearly as much ill will towards than the man who abandoned their beloved Cats and now coaches the in-state arch rival.

  2. I have to disagree that Tim Coury doesn’t deserve this criticism. This is a restaurant, a place of business, his business, a place where people eat. He knew exactly what was going on when he tossed him the keys and told him to lock up when he was done. He certainly knew they weren’t going to sweep the floor or do the dishes. He’s as disgusting as Pitino. Good old boy network at its best. No one seems to care about an innocent child who was done away with if she really was pregnant and yes you can know that soon. That is the only person I feel sorry for in this whole sordid mess. He should have been fixed years ago, but then with his thinking he’d probably think he wouldn’t be as macho and such a stud.

  3. DangerBoy – in Jefferson County a liquor license is approved by none other than Codes and Regulations/ABC Director Bill Schreck.

    One man (Schreck) can stop your zoning approval, deny your building permit, fail your building inspection, deny your ABC license, Deny your sign permit, and harass you with all types of inspections. Scary isn’t it!

  4. I’m with James: why is no one wondering how Sypher knew this was Pitino’s baby? It seems awfully convenient for the purposes of extortion. Otherwise, this is par for the course with Pitino. Why is everyone up in arms? And, I thought it was Patti Swope, not Theresa.

  5. I think Pitino has also disgraced the memory of his late brother-in-law whom he considered his best friend – the brother of his own wife. Hmmm, with Karen married off to his employee, does Pitino solve all his personal relationships with arranged marriages???

  6. Enough slime to go around with Rick and Karen, but who cares – just a slimy basketball coach and a skank. It’s the bullshit statements from UL execs Ramsey and Jurich that are inexcuseable.

  7. A year ago Billy Gillespe was considered an unpolished, bachelor party boy who drank too much, picked up young women half his age, and was surly to all. Who would have known that Billy G was the classy basketball coach in the state of Kentucky.

  8. Let’s see if I got this right. Rick Pitino is the highest paid public employee in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Courier Journal had Rick Pitino and his son Richard on the list of public employees. Which means that their salaries are paid via our tax dollars in some way or form. Which means that Rick Pitino is a public EMPLOYEE. Such as that fact, he either should be fired or resign by Ramsey and Jurich. Not only that but I have the opinion that Ramsey and Jurk need to both hit the road as well. Their constantly defending a known philanderer needs to be held to the light. He has brought disrepute to this city and this area as a whole. He needs to be fired immediately,

    To those that say this isn’t a big deal, this is atrocious. Especially when it has became what it is. So its a public affair now with the whole debauched situation with Ms. Sypher and Slick Rick. He needs to be ran out of town on a railcar and soon. We don’t need people like this coaching the young. And what about the whole argument regarding public money. Oh yeah, we say a sports coach fired last week but I guess since its Ramsey and Jurks call then we can foot the bill again. These scumbags around Louisville are so chronically without morals or ethics. It must be in the water

  9. Did anyone also notice that Pence made the comment that the 3000 dollars was actually for insurance for the pregnancy. Was it for the abortion or the insurance. One good night in the hospital these days costs about 6000 bucks and that was just for a non injury wreck.

  10. Gosh, where to start? James, thank you for stating what I have been saying since I read yesterdays article in the CJ. How can you know in two weeks if you are pregnant? If you can and you took the test then that to me screams “IT WAS PLANNED.”

    Magruder, I agree with you, who the hell cares? While I see both sides of this, I have to side with the fact that it’s the man’s personal life and not our business. While Coach Pitino could have shown better judgement, and he is a coach for the university, it’s his PERSONAL life and shouldn’t be anyone’s business but his family’s.

    MoneyPenny, If this was the coach at my child’s school, I still wouldn’t give a shit unless the person he was having a fling with was a student! How do you know the coach at your child’s school isn’t having an affair?

    Paul, your info is incorrect. It’s not Theresa.

    As for the rest of the comments, it just goes to show that everyone has an opinion about everything and feel like we have a right to pass judgement on others lives. It’s not our place to pass judgement or say what should be done or not unless we are one of the players in the game. We can offer our opinions all day long and gripe and moan but what does it really accomplish? I won’t stand in judgement of Coach Pitino as I don’t know the man personally and I’m not condoning what he did, it’s simply not my business.

  11. DJ 65
    When people decide to become public figures, everything they do becomes the public’s business. They give up their privacy and personal lives and are paid handsomely for it. This “deal with the Devil” seldom leaves people unscathed as we see time-and-again our public figures as what they are – – plain old men and women, humans, like the rest of us. It is WE who facilitate the fall from grace by giving them hero status in the first place. If we seem to be in a tizzy over this it’s because we PAID for the right (if not by money then by emotional energy) to care about a team, a university . . . or it could just as easily be an actor, a politician, a preacher or someone else who sold us some sort dream and backed it up with an image that supported that dream. When that image dissolves before our eyes we’re faced with reality. (And reality is a very hard sell.) For this to not be someone’s business they would not have to not care about it in the first place. But people DO care. For better or worse, there is a lot of psychic energy behind basketball in this city. While Petino’s personal pain and that of his family is real, people feel the need to speak out about the wound to this city. It’ll heal. But talking about it is part of the process and that makes it “our business.”

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