Another Bad Apple at Corrections

Late Friday, WLKY’s Ben Jackey reported that a Metro Corrections employee is being charged with felony and misdemeanor counts after a Metro Police investigation. Anthony Moore is expected to be arraigned today (Monday) on charges that include sexual abuse of an inmate.

He was also sneaking cigarettes in and hiding them in ceiling tiles. Chalk one up for creativity, there. He’s currently suspended without pay.

But Moore, who had been with the department more than four years, is just the latest to be caught behaving badly while on the job at the jail. Last month, it was supervisors having work done by inmates at their homes. Before that it was threats from employees on director Mark Bolton, resulting in Bolton receiving police protection.

Bolton, before that, had fired members of his top staff after some crazy texting at late hours was discovered in which they chatted negative stuff about Bolton. Here’s a link to all our stories about the mess at Corrections.

Bolton may be the right guy for the job, but the job of cleaning up the reputation at Corrections is monstrous. He issued a statement in regard to the Moore case:

“LMDC has a fundamental and legal responsibility to ensure the safety and legal rights of all inmates and we will continue to hold staff accountable as it relates to administrative misconduct and criminal behavior.

“Our internal policies, new officer academy and in-service training will be reviewed and amended to ensure inmate and staff safety remains our highest priority.”

2 thoughts on “Another Bad Apple at Corrections

  1. LOL.. You have no idea how many bad apples lurk in the shadows at Louisville Metro Corrections. Dietz was the “ring leader” of it all. Not too long ago he fired an officer in retaliation for reporting him for abuse of power. Dietz was trying to cover up a felony committed by his buddy. Sgt. R. Griffin. Suprisingly enough this Sgt. is still employed despite undisputable evidence against him. I guess its all in who you know…SAD!!

  2. I think Director Bolton knows who the “bad apples” are. As well as all of the BS that has crystalized in the underground correction culture. Influance peddling by the fop, off duty employment enterprizes, sex with inmates, theift by officers of inmate property, ect are just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned folks there’s more to come. LOL

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