Will a Marketing Campaign Make the Streets Safe?

The city is throwing money at making our streets safer for bikers and walkers.

It’s a noble cause. Maybe not because three bikers and 23 pedestrians were killed on city streets. But because another 353 walkers and 118 bikers got hurt in accidents.  That makes it a significant problem, and since police can’t really prosecute drivers unless they actually see the incident, public education may be the best way to get the message out.

There’s an online destination for the StreetSense campaign, filled with sensible advice for bikers, walkers and drivers.  The first part of the campaign, which will cost $45,000, is financed from federal transportation money.

The campaign launched at a press event this morning.

3 thoughts on “Will a Marketing Campaign Make the Streets Safe?

  1. As the son of a murdered cyclist, I just have to say…..WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Save the money wasted on this marketing campaign and start enforcing the laws. This city is not safe for cyclists. As a result, some cyclists ride very defensively and irritate motorists…..who in turn get frustrated with all cyclists. Until we get some serious enforcement around here we are going to keep having these problems. My father was murdered by a speeding driver who was negligent and inattentive…..who did not even get a traffic ticket. Unfortunately law enforcement doesn’t care when a law abiding cyclist is injured / killed unless the motorist is drunk or high.

  2. Nothing will change until a spandex-clad cyclist pulls an obnoxious motorist from their car @ a red light, and beats them to a pulp with a frame pump. It’ll happen sooner or later.

  3. They need to start nailing these chronic speeders in Louisville. Not the people going 5 over but these idiots continuously driving 15 over the limit and more. As well as start enforcing basic traffic laws such as tailgating, lane changes, and no cell phone use. We need a cell phone ban while driving and now not in ten years after the rest of the USA does it.

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