J-town Pays Firm to Find Its Way

Jeffersontown’s City Council voted this week to spend $70,000 to do a study of its marketing efforts, recommend wayfinding strategy and possibly come up with a new name for the Bluegrass Industrial Park.

The decision was OK’d by five of the Council members. Pam Ware and Bill Dieruf were opposed, as was Ray Perkins, who wasn’t at Monday’s meeting.

Dieruf, who’s actively campaigning for Mayor Clay Foreman’s job, said the expense is unnecessary because the Mayor and his economic development team should be doing the city’s marketing.

“It’s easier for the Mayor to get somebody else to do it than to do it himself,” said Dieruf, who operates a hardware store on Taylorsville Road. “In good times, you hire somebody to sweep the streets. In hard times, you sweep the streets yourself.”

Dieruf added that the money only goes to fund a study — and the city may not have the money to implement its recommendations. He compared that to getting blueprints for a house and not building it.

Foreman presented the plan from the New West Agency, which won the business in competition with dozens of others firms. New West’s Tom Howell said the city has a bigger story to tell than the image it currently projects.

“This is a branding and wayfinding plan to more closely align the city with all the features that it offers,” he said, mentioning the city’s restaurants, businesses, and jobs.

Immediately, New West will begin interviews with officials and residents and will set up a website for residents to contribute ideas. New West, the agency that selected the Unbridled Spirit slogan for the state of Kentucky, will use some of the same techniques for Jeffersontown, on a smaller scale. One idea is to change the name of the Industrial Park.

“The first thing we have to do is find out what kind of brand equity Bluegrass Industrial Park has,” Howell said.

6 thoughts on “J-town Pays Firm to Find Its Way

  1. Having worked in the industrial park for over twenty years, I certainly hope this rebranding effort doesn’t result in an increase in occupational taxes. The proper name of the area and its access to restaurants are lame marketing initiatives intended to attract businesses whose employees will subsidize the living standards of J’town residents.

  2. They should look at the Mayor himself as the reason this once great area has lost it’s standing.
    We have a Mayor who is an embarassment with all his wife beating, child endangerment, drunken driving, wrecking city cars (someone ran him off the road) yeah right. What a cover-up. And don’t forget the “free gas” for everyone. AND the Public Works Main Man who had a little problem with drugs making over $100,000 a year and his assistant who has her own take home car. Guess when you’re tight with the J-town PD you get away with that stuff. Keep on your current road Mr. Mayor, some may forget your past, but when election time rolls around, it will all be brought up again.

  3. Exactly what did the “Unbridled Spirit” campaign accomplish for Kentucky?
    I’ll bet even money they change the name to Ruckriegel Industrial Park. Everything else is named after that family.

  4. $70,000.00!!!! You’ve got to be kidding!

    Give ME the money and I’ll give you 70,000 choices. You might only get a few choices if you decided to hire someone else…lol!

    That amount of money would feed a lot of people if the money was used for something else.

    How stupid can it get!? $70,000 to think up a name….good grief!

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